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June 8 2007 - Metropolitan Cathedral

In Liverpool, besides the Three Gems and Albert Dock, there's 2 cathedrals that you MUST visit. Well, yeah, Anfield as well, if you're a Liverpool(football) fan, or Goodison Park if you're an Everton fan..

We were on our way to the HSBC Mount Pleasant branch to open our bank accounts, and 1 of the cathedrals is just nearby, so we decided to drop by as well.

The full name of the cathedral is:
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool

Most people call it Metropolitan Cathedral, to save the hassle..

Group photo in front of the cathedral

Another group photo

Didn't take a photo of it without people, so googled for it

I'm not going to go into the history of the cathedral, u can just google for it, if u're even interested. But, something worth taking note of is that, this wasn't the original design for the cathedral.

This is the original design

But then, World War 2 hit, and after that, the cost went spiralling up, and another cheaper design was needed, hence the design now..

Inside the cathedral

The organ

The dome

Let's just give u a few random photos inside the cathedral...

Maintaining the cathedral is no easy feat. It requires alot of manpower, and financial power..

It's just a suggestion, not compulsary

Collection box

You can always visit for free, if u really do not have 3 pounds to spare

Saw this wooden model of the cathedral on our way out

We spent alot of time in the cathedral, until we almost forgot our main reason coming out today. Ok, let's go to the bank shall we?

Not sure which department this building belongs to, just across the road from the cathedral

Our university is the Liverpool John Moores University, not the same. Like our uni, this University of Liverpool is scattered throughout the city, and it's an old university. Our uni was a polytech or college until like 20 or 30 years ago, so its relatively new. There's another university in Liverpool, called the Liverpool Hope University, also scattered across the city.



Information Kiosk. It performs the Inquiry functions of our ATM machines in Malaysia

They have separate machines for Information, Cash Deposit, Cheque Deposit and Cash Withdrawal.

This is the lenglui bank officer that served us hehehehe :D

If I have to describe one thing that is different between banks here and banks in Malaysia,

I'm sure u don't see doggies inside Malaysian banks, do u??

This is the dog's owner

There were alot of us, some of us were done earlier, so we decided to go outside to look around.

Found this Pakistani convenience store

Oh ya, learned this from my friends who have been staying in the UK. Here, we refer to the Pakistanis as 啊叉 Ah Cha, not sure why, but that's just it..

Interesting fridge handle

It's the UK, so I suppose magazines are supposed to be like this :D

Not a very eventful day, but that's just it...

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