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June 9 2007 - Cheshire Oaks

Today, we are going to venture outside Liverpool for the 1st time.

Where to? Look at the map 1st..

Cheshire Oaks to be exact

We are going to take the bus

So geng, this Lim Yuen, like that also aware that Bing is taking photo

Bus number 1, destination Cheshire Oaks

There's a few bus operators in Liverpool. There's First, Arriva, Merseytravel, and... forgot the other operator's name.

About an hour later,

When u see this sign post, then u know we are not coming here to enjoy a plate of fried rice or sightseeing hehehe :D

Some panoramic view of the place 1st..

This is the car park

A small part of the Oaks


Nike shop

Bird's Eye View of Cheshire Oaks.

It doesn't look like it, but this place is REALLY huge. U can just spend the whole day just to walk around the place without doing any meaningful shopping..

There's really alot of designer outlets here.. I'll just show u a few of it..

We basically spread out and made our own shopping, or window shopping.. The 1st place I went to was the Nike shop..


More shoes

I bought alot of stuff that day, but because I'm not a camwhore and I don't own a camera, so I didn't take any photos. All the photos here courtesy of our cameraman Bing..

Some of the dudes wanted to buy jeans, and I went with them just to have a look..


Woohoo... 35 pounds.. means.. approx RM250.. not sure what's the price in Malaysia..

Angmohs like to give good discounts

In the UK, u can always get very cheap items. From what I noticed, when a certain product, for example clothes, becomes a few months old, they would begin to slash the prices. I bought a big jacket with the price tag of: Was 50, Then 20, Now 5!

Cheshire Oaks is actually not 100% clothes and accessories. They have a variety of other shops selling luggage, kitchen utensils, and food. We found a certain shop which we spent alot of time in..

Cadbury Factory Shop!

Let's give u a few examples of the products there..

It was a fun shopping day. Most of us bought alot of things. It's really cheap here, if u know what to buy. So I really suggest to my juniors, please don't bring too much clothes here.. buy them here! Hehehe :D

On our way to the bus stop to take the bus back to Liverpool, Bing spotted this awesome car..

I've never heard of Crossfire. What marque is it?

Group photo while waiting for bus

Cheshire Oaks, 1 word: Syok!

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