Saturday, May 10, 2008

流浪@Lenglui Available :D

Was studying the like there's no tomorrow for the past few days, trying to renew my memory on RLC, RF, op amps etc. Time to take a break. While blogging about Europe will take up too much time, I think doing this is fine.

Curi from friendster

Jeng jeng jeng~ I present u, Cathrane Teoh. Okok, to be honest, I'm just trying to do her a service to clarify something.

If you have been following my blog, the handful of you, maybe more, I posted my 'secret admiration' on 2 girls in conjunction with April Fools'. In that post, I mentioned about the 2 girls being unavailable..

Well, take that back now. Ok, 1 of them became available, and then unavailable again, hehehe. But.. 1 of them (the 1 in picture), is actually available as of now, available as of, no boyfriend, can tackle, hehehe.

Was chatting with her just now, and she said, some of her potential friends might have read my blog and thought she was 'not for sale', so now no guys dare to be too close with her.

Ok, so now I clarify, YOU CAN GO AFTER HER IF YOU WANT TO! Hehehehe...

一不做,二不休(yat bat jou, yi bat yau), let's promote her abit lah..

Cath @k@ Totji Mui, lenglui ma, see the picture, obvious la, ngam mou? Bubbly, lively,sexyknows how to make up and present herself appropriately in appropriate situations, easy to kao sociable, outgoing, loyal to friends 有义气, erm erm.. what else... alot alot good points la~

If it's not because of the fact that she is Penangite, I would have gone after her myself hahahaha :D ... Well it's not that there's something wrong with Penang girls. We all know Penang has the most alot of lengluis. Why I have this Penang-girls-phobia, might come to that in some other post, some other time..

Anyway, she is good, and she is available la! So guys, if interested, can call her number 017-2159336, ok?

Actually that is my number la hehehe, please don't call. If you are interested, leave a comment here, she reads my blog all the time, so she will know :D


Cathrane said...

Chi sin.. Like doing big sales wanna sell me only.. =P

RealGunners said...

mana ada big sales... no discount oso kekeke :D