Sunday, May 11, 2008

流浪@My Own Mother's Day

Just got back from Sungei Wang, and not particularly in the mood to study, guess I'll just blog about how I spent time with mom today hehehe :D

To be honest, I didn't know what to do. Big bro went mount climbing yesterday and is expected to be back late tonight, dad went for some stupid meeting with his taichi association, and sis is working in Sungei Wang F.O.S.

Mom went out early in the morning to attend her class on chinese herbs, so I just went to fetch her after class and headed to Sungei Wang to look for my sis and have lunch, 3 of us.

We went to Esquire Kitchen 大人餐厅. There wasn't much people today, surprise surprise. I think the restaurant are on their way down actually, because when we passed by Kim Gary (Bosco endorsed 金加利茶餐厅), it was packed and people were queueing up waiting to be seated.

Anyway, the food was okay lah (their chicken leg peanuts soup are really loaded with chicken legs and peanuts, and their taufoofa ice-cream rocks!)... forgot to take photos as usual. Sis had just 1 hour break, so we just ordered, food came and we just tucked in. After we were done eating, then I remembered about photos.

Well, nothing much to blog about this restaurant lah, I'm sure you can get more than enough food bloggers featuring this restaurant if u Google for it. Nah, show u photos of my mom lah..

Sis and Mom

Mom & Me


[Will be going to Penang either tomorrow or Tuesday, depends on Peggy's operation with her wisdom tooth. Interview with Agilent on Wednesday morning. Wish me luck, I'll need it, lot's of it, thanks :D]


Cathrane said...

ur mum look young saja.. *winks*

RealGunners said...

i tell her that, mayb she will think my "girlfriend" not too bad actually, mayb she will not bo song i go penang liao wakakaka :D