Thursday, May 22, 2008

流浪@Resume Normal Service

Just made it back from Penang again, arrived approximately 3pm.

Unfortunately, my status is not much clearer than before I left for Penang on Monday. Still jobless, still waiting for decisions, as well as phone calls for other interviews.

I'd still have to continue studying while hoping that Agilent will decide to give me more tests, and the likes of Intel and Altera will call me.

However, I feel that leaving my UK and Europe photos is quite depressive, so I think, I will continue blogging about my summer semester last year from now on..

Now.. I'm kinda messed up actually.. ok.. let's split my summer semester into a few parts..

1. Liverpool (June 1 - Sept 6)
1.1 Liverpool Life
1.2 Trips in UK
2. Europe (Sept 7 - Sept 20)
3. London (Sept 21 - Sept 25)
4. Dubai (Sept 26 - Sept 28) ~ done

I remember mentioning doing the blog entries in the reverse order, and have done with Dubai already. I'm kinda stucked now.. if I continue doing the reverse thingy, there would be some details and descriptions getting messed up..

I think, it's better to do it in a chronological order after all.. will start off with Liverpool...

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