Thursday, June 12, 2008

流浪@Ah Leong's 5 Cents on Girls

Hmm.. I'm getting abit tired of blogging about UK. Was intending to finish up July today, but somehow I felt lazy about it.. I think I should take abit of time to blog about something else..

So what is the something else I'm gonna crap about? Well.. please refer to my title.. and why is it 5 cents instead of 2 cents? Erm.. I'm sure, if u are Malaysian, u would have known by now, that 2 cents has turned obsolete in Malaysia..

And well.. I'm not gonna talk about any specific topics about girls.. I'll just scribble about what I generally feel at this moment..

Ok let's begin..

While I was taking my time relaxing earlier in the day, I recall a conversation with a friend during our times in college..

Friend : I really like that girl A
Me : Then go kao her la~
Friend : But it's hard u know.. I don't know how to.. I don't know what she likes..
Me : Then it's your job to find out.
Friend : Can u advise me ah, like.. what should I do to impress her? What should I buy for her as presents? Where should I bring her for dinner?

It's more or less like that.. and a conversation like this.. it happens more than once..

Basically, I think the best answer that one can give to a friend who asks a question like this is:

"I don't know, it's better if u get to know her and find out yourself."

U see, in my opinion, girls are a unique species. When I say unique, I mean each and everyone of then is unique to the others. Details are very important for them.

I'm not the girl, and I don't know how she behaves. I could have given u some suggestions, say be bold, just tell her how u feel, but those suggestions might just backfire and she might never talk to u again..

And I consider it a major taboo to ask your female friends: What do girls like in a date?

They have a tendency to tell u what they like, instead of what the girl of your dreams like..

Take my female friends for example..

If u ask Cath the question above, I'm quite positive she would tell u something like:

"Erm.. buy her Burberry, bring her to Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dasz, bring her to Japan/UK for a shopping trip?"

But if u ask Peggy the same question, she might say:

"Buy her DSLR, bring her on driving trips to nice places to take photos, bring her to Rasa Sayang Buffet?"

I'm sure most girls would love what they mentioned.. although it's just an example.. but.. but.. surely not ALL girls will like what was mentioned.. right? Right??

There might be some girls who think Burberry is a waste of money, better give her those money.. there might also be some girls who is health conscious and don't like buffet.. right? There might even be some girls who think: I just want my man to care for me and be by my side.. right???

Fine... anyway.. I just wanna say: better find out what your girl likes by yourself.. it's more reliable that way...

I've been feeling lonely lately.. I think being jobless and having nothing to do is the major culprit for this feeling..

Sometimes, I see the buddies around me all going out in couples, paktor-ing and stuff.. I get kinda jealous and feel tempted to find myself a girlfriend ASAP...

But somehow.. my rationality the lack of girls interested in me proved to be a major stumbling block...

Anyway, I'm aware that now is not the time for me to go get a girl..

See.. I'm jobless.. that's a very big problem.. because getting a girlfriend and maintaining one can be a very expensive prospect.. and I always believe whoever who says: "It doesn't take alot of money to have a girlfriend" are either rich or disillusioned..

Even if it really isn't expensive.. it does cost money, right?

The rational inside me had always, and will always encourange me to have this ideal:

I'd rather spend the money that I can accumulate to invest in more wealth before I start thinking about girls..

We've got to be responsible for our girl, right? U don't go and kao a girl, and then make her suffer by not being able to provide for her, right? Well.. yeah I know alot of girls are earning their own money nowadays but.. heck.. maybe is this man ego that I have.. hmm..

I always aspire to be rich and retire early (NOT via lampe berger-ing or direct sales)..

I aspire to achieve this,

and this,

before I get my girl..

Well the house is another story.. I'm sure most of us, after we jump out of the comfort zone of schooling, we would more or less start to think about our future, and marriage is the future for alot of people..

Nowadays, most people would move out after they get married and the parents be left alone. Girls are reluctant to move in with the guy's family, because 9 out of 10 would have a troubled relationship with the mother-in-law. Guys moving in with the girl's family would be the laughing stock of his own family, especially if most of them are conservative Chinese.. therefore, moving out seems the fair alternative..

So the best way I feel, is to have a bloody big house and have both families move in together.. that's very fair too, right?

Let's not talk about marriage 1st.. I always have another dream.. I would love to retire early and travel and see as much of the world as possible..

When I get my girl, I hope I would be able to sit in 1 of this with her and fulfil my dream with her..

Erm.. that one seems to be on the way down.. so maybe not.. maybe this one below..

Ahahahha, seems like an elaborate dream... but I'd like to keep this dream and aspiration and try to achieve that..

I'll quote 1 of Rich Dad's sayings: "What you say will become the reality"

For now.. let's just hope, and try my best to achieve...


Joyce Tedoen said...

I rather stay single. Too much hassle to dream about the future as a couple and work for it.

RealGunners said...

Hmm.. won't u feel lonely?