Tuesday, June 10, 2008

流浪@Another Sh*tty Day To Forget

I'm feeling kinda depressed again.. don't really feel like blogging today.. might as well just scribble some cowcrap again...

Astro is finally up and running again in my house.. it took the technicians 5 days to figure out that the new smart card that they mailed me is faulty.. *although I have been suggesting that to them since day 1*

Have been doing my usual routine of scouring Jobstreet for new job listings.. but something seems weird.. usually, I would do a fresh round of job applications once a week, and when I do, it would be 1 million jobs at 1 go..

But today, when I was checking out the latest job alerts, there were like.. 4 new jobs that matched my criteria? The rest were what I saw last week, posted on June 3 or earlier..

And when did news of the recent fuel hike broke officially? Wednesday? That makes it June 4.

I'm hoping that it's just a cruel coincidence.. hopefully it's not a case of:

harga petrol naik + harga elektrik naik = peluang pekerjaan turun

Because if that is really the case, then I'm really in trouble.. because my savings is really beginning to run low..

Thank you very much, Pak Lah @ Mr Hadhari, for reducing my opportunities to get a job @ increasing my time relaxing at home @ screwing me up big time..

On another note, my 12 yr old, 660cc Kancil's road tax was renewed on April 14, so barring any unwanted changes @ flip-flops, I should be able to collect my RM625 rebate this Saturday.. details here (if you are part of the Boycott MSM campaign, plz do not click bcz it will lead u to TheStar's articles).

See, April 14

Let's see, this RM625.. it would last me another month waiting at home for interview calls, or another 2 trips to Penang for interview, or 1 trip down to Singapore if any of them decides to call me..

I'm sure, it would also subsidise for the more expensive petrol new BOOM BOOM stereo/camera/handphone/VVIP passes to concerts for alot of us.. being typical Malaysians..

I know, I ought to be thankful that I'm gonna be given this money, especially when my savings is running low... but.. having screwed up the whole nation for the past few yrs (or few decades if the whole Barang Naik regime is considered).. I'm sure this rebate doesn't count for much..

If anything, it's the least of what we deserve.. but then.. it could've been worse... it could've been fuel hike + no rebates at all.. anyway, they wanna give us money, we just take lah.. money going into our pockets is better than money going into cronies' pockets.. 不拿白不拿 (if u don't take, then u get nothing for no reason)..

Gah... better get some sleep.. will be going out for a gathering with my coursemates tonight...

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