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August 1 2007 - Manchester City and Manchester United

I'm sorry, Man City fans, but I don't mean Manchester City Football Club in my title, I literally mean Manchester city..

I'm glad I made it on time to be blogging about Manchester while the 40 Nuffnangers battle it out in Project Trafford. While I'm not part of that 'secret' project (not that I wanted to anyway), I think I would put this post on Innit. Hopefully those involved might come in and catch a glimpse of what might be in line for them should they win, and hopefully for those who missed, this might serve as eye sore candy to compensate for not being able to go..

It's the 1st day of our 3rd month in the UK, so.. what better way to kickstart the month than to be on another venture outside Liverpool? Destination today: Manchester.

The best way to get to Manchester from Liverpool would be to go by train. Train fare between Liverpool and Manchester is really cheap if u buy in groups, and as students.. It was 4 pounds return for us..

Let's start things off with some excited camwhores in the train..



There are 3 train stations in Manchester: Manchester Picadilly, Manchester Oxford Road, and Manchester Victoria. Most of the trains from Liverpool stops at Picadilly..

Manchester Picadilly Train Station

Our 1st stop for the day is the obsolete, ugly, lousy Old Trafford. To get there, we would have to take the bus from Picadilly Gardens, which is a few streets away..

On the way

Picadilly Gardens, the bus stop is just across the road

Another shot at Picadilly Gardens

The bus ride to Old Trafford takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. After all, we're in the 3rd largest city in the UK so, it is normal to have some traffic in the city.

Interesting bridge on the way to Old Trafford

By the way, if u are oblivious of what Old Trafford means, I seriously think.... well I have nothing to think about, I'm just speechless.. Anyway, Old Trafford is Manchester United's home ground/stadium. It is also known as the Theatre of Dreams (because Man Utd fans tend to daydream alot). If u don't know what Manchester United is... well I suppose it's normal. They're so lousy that it's not worth taking note of them at all =D

Anyway, after 30 minutes on the bus...

There u go, the stadium!

Group photo

I'm putting myself in great risk posing like that, because there's alot of fans walking around =D

If I'm abit famous, I think I'm gonna get alot of hate mails. "WTF?! U moron!! Most of us fans never get to go to Old Trafford, and u.. u.. u thumbs down in front of the stadium!!!"

Sorry mate, I know that's a bad habit but.. once a Gunners always a Gunners, and thank Buddha I'm not famous at all =D

We made Old Trafford our 1st stop early in the morning because there's a few of us (not me) who wanna buy the latest 2007/2008 kit, and since something is gonna happen tonight, they feared that if we come later, there might be nothing left to buy...

So off we went into the merchandise store inside the stadium. Upon entrance, we were greeted by a HUGE team photo embedded on the wall..

LJMU United

So what does the 2007/2008 kit look like?

Home kit

Away kit

Everyone with their goodies =)

Shopping done, time to head back to Manchester city.. how we came, that's also how we went back..

Next stop: Manchester Chinatown

Chinese Arch in Manchester

Why Chinatown? Don't u have your own farking Chinatown in Liverpool?

Well, yes we do.. but don't u think the Chinese Arch here looks much better than the one in Liverpool? At least it's not covered up for renovation..

And, we don't have the CHEAPEST dim sum restaurant in the UK (according to seniors and some of my friends)!! Ladies and gentlemen, I present u with...

Tai Wu 太湖!!!

Yum Seng Yum Cha!!

Waiting for more food

If u are/will be in the UK for just a week or 2, then of course u won't miss Chinese food. In fact, u are not supposed to.. u should indulge in whatever that's British throughout your stay..

But.. if u are going to be there for a year or 2, or even for just 1 semester, like us.. then halfway thru the semester,

The the sight of these are really gonna make u drool =)

Sorry mates, time to eat, no time for photos...

Dim sum was our lunch. After the fulfilling lunch, time to head for the next stop: Trafford Centre.

Trafford Centre is NOT owned by Manchester United. It's just a shopping centre located in a place called Trafford, just as the stadium is located in Trafford, hence Old Trafford. From Manchester city, it's a bus ride in the direction of the stadium, but we get off halfway..

Sleeping in the bus

Like the Bull Ring in Birmingham, Trafford Centre claims to be the largest shopping centre in the UK.. I'm not sure which claim is genuine, or if both are just exagerrating, but both are HUGE anyway...

Peggy in pain

I might not have covered her alot in this aspect, but Peggy is the undisputed shopping queen among us.. The sight of this gargantuan shopping centre, coupled with her having spent most of her money in Man Utd's merchandise store earlier in the morning, caused the expression in the picture above..

Here's how Trafford Centre looks on the inside

Bing was on a mission that day: buy a pair of Adidas End-to-End Series.

What series? Wtf is that?

Well.. the End-to-End Series is actually a series of limited edition shoes by Adidas, exclusively for Foot Locker in the UK. When I said in the UK, I mean u are not gonna get them anywhere in Malaysia. And when I said limited edition, it means the series would be out of stock very soon..

Bing in action

Spotted another pair

Bing in dilema, green or yellow?

Finally he settled for this

The shoes costed him 60 pounds.. Well I suppose it's money well spent.. U can easily find a lousy pair of Nike in Midvalley that cost u RM300 over.. and this Adidas is limited edition, can't be found in Malaysia..

Here's the foodcourt of Trafford Centre

Dinner at the foodcourt

Well.... to be honest... dim sum and shopping was not the MAIN reason for us to be at Manchester today..

This is the MAIN reason!

What?? U can't expect us to come to England and NOT watch a football match do u??

We had intended to watch a Premier League match, but the majority of the seats are reserved for season pass holders.. and whatever single tickets that's left would cost at least 30 pounds, and even then would have been snapped up by the fanatic locals quickly..

So here we are, friendly match, alot cheaper, and we get the controversial Italian champions Inter Milan as well =)

I'm not being biased but.. Manchester United really weren't that great.. even their fans don't turn out in numbers...

After all, it's just a friendly match...

Ok, I'm just being sarcastic.. I never expected such a crowd for a friendly match.. I know it's Inter Milan in town but.. don't they get teams like these all the time during the Champions League? It's not like back in Bukit Jalil where European teams come once a year or 2...

We arrived back at the stadium early, so when we got into the stadium,

It was still quite empty

But 5 minutes later,

Half full already

I can say that the security efforts were top class..

They have these stewards in every corner of the stadium!

Excitedly seated!

Wait, a photo can't describe our eagerness well.. maybe a video..

And when something amazing happened, for example a goal, or a near miss,

It was really awesome just to be inside the stadium.. It totally didn't feel like it was a crappy friendly match too.. The fans were jovial, passionate, and certainly made alot of noise..

And I finally felt for myself, what is the meaning of home advantage..

Whenever Ronaldo or Rooney gets the ball, the stadium erupted with cheers!

Whenever an Inter player gets the ball, the stadium becomes dead silent!

And imagine, 70 000 people chanting the Man Utd anthem in perfect synchronisation! I'll stop being biased for once, it's crazy awesome man!!

Here's a picture of Ronaldo in action

And this scoreline at halftime makes it much more pleasing for me =D

The 15 pounds we paid was really worth every penny.. we get the crowds, the football stars, great atmosphere, intense match (it really felt like a Champions League match), and we even get kuku!

When I said kuku, I mean.. kukujiao.. u know.. some people call it dick, some call it lampa..

U see, halfway thru the 2nd half, a fanatic somehow got thru the tight security onto the pitch. He took off his shirt and threw it at ManUre's goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar, and then proceeded to run to the middle of the pitch and start taking off his pants! All these when the match was going on!

Well we were all shell-shocked at the incident that we didn't know what to do! The only decent photo Bing caught was this..

The stewards forcefully escorting our brave joker off the pitch, the players look on with frustration

I managed to find this video from youtube..

After that, the match went on.. and the final score:



After the match...

Crowd beginning to leave and go home

And we made our way back to Liverpool... memorable 1st day of August 2007 =)


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