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August 10 2007 - Tomyam and Cake

Another random post of what we do at home...

We just bought some tomyam paste in Chinatown yesterday, so today, we will be having tomyam soup *yum yum*

Perfect synchronisation =)

Tomyam ingredients


Goldfish man Nick handling the chicken, to be put into the tomyam soup too

While Nick were at it, Bing got bored and decided to find some entertainment..

And he's not satisfied with that, continue...

Wooww... our tomyam taking shape =)

Peggy was excited with the new jacket she bought recently..

And decided to show off to us

Bing then took it from her and start wearing the jacket himself..

And pretends to be macho XD

The tomyam soup needed time to cook.. while waiting, Peggy was planning something else..

Peggy in deep thoughts

Bing got curious too

Actually, after Cannas gave us a cake that she baked herself, Peggy got jealous wanted to try baking 1 too..

Start work

Making the perfect chocolate mixture

Camwhoring is not part of the recipe ok?

Tomyam is ready! Time for dinner! After the cake mixture was ready, just whack it into the oven and wait for it to bake..

Family photo

There's a new girl in the house.. that's Vi Dea.. she is Chiew Yen's housemate, and have been travelling with Nick to Wales few days ago, so Nick decided to invite her to come over to enjoy tomyam with us..

Anyway, yay!! Another girl dining with us XD

After dinner, continue with the cake...

The cake is baked and Peggy is taking it out

How Chen gets into action as well (making the cream)

Spreading the cream onto the cake

Then have to put it into the oven to bake again

Finally, the cake is ready..

Peggy adding some finishing touches to her maiden baked product

Chocolate Nessie cake!

Peggy, the cake is nice lah! Don't thumbs down la hehehe XD

The cake was really great to be honest.. chocolatey enough is good enough =)

I'm going to ruin your day again with the last photo of this entry..

Bad hair day...

I combed my hair that way on purpose...

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