Tuesday, June 17, 2008

August 18 2007 - Birmingham Canalside

We... will be going on another driving trip today.. 2 days 1 night :D

Destinations: Birmingham, Newcastle, Blackpool..

A Liverpool; B Birmingham; C Newcastle; D Blackpool

It was actually quite a crazy route.. for comparison, it's like KL -> Muar -> Kelantan -> Tapah -> back to KL..

But then.. crazy is definitely an appropriate word to describe us XD

Anyway, I'm going to break this 2 days into 5 blog entries..

Cannas came to our house early morning to cook us some spaghetti fusili to bring for dinner

Food that we are going to bring

Contrary to Scotland, where we have 3 cars going together, this time it's just 5 of us in 1 car.. the others were either not interested or ran out of $$$...

Keen, Cannas, Cath, me and Bing

2 hours on the motorway, and another 20 minutes twisting and turning inside Birmingham city,

Bull Ring! We parked our car in Bull Ring's carpark

I have actually been to Birmingham once 2 months ago, when I visited Mun Mun.. but then, I can go to Manchester twice, of course I can do the same with Birmingham! And I'll be the tour guide for them..

I absolutely love Birmingham.. it's kinda different compared to other cities and towns in the UK.. U can google search for UK attractions and lots of places will pop out: London, Liverpool, Manchester, York, Oxford, Nottingham, etc..

London is another story, but apart from that, basically all the cities and towns are famous for their heritage: museums, art galleries, cathedrals, clock towers... but in Birmingham, u get Bull Ring, an international convention centre, IMAX theatre, banks, canals.. it has this modern feel compared to other cities.. and it's very clean and beautiful too..

Before we go anywhere else, time to go to the toilet 1st..

Awesome! 5 star Loo of the Year inside Bull Ring

I've mentioned in my 1st Birmingham post before, Bull Ring is a shopping centre in Birmingham city centre, which claims to be the largest shopping centre in the UK..

*What's with these shopping centres, all of them claiming to be the largest ~_~"*

But Bull Ring was not the 1st on my itinery.. I will bring them on the exact route that Mun brought me back then.. to the canalside for brunch first..

On the way,

The Beach

Last time I passed by, this 'beach' was still under counstruction.. now it's a playground for kids..


This was the 1st place that I spotted a McDonald's leaderboard that has black background, and without the M logo.. it's inside a building called Paradise..

Nice fountain between Paradise and the International Convention Centre

On the other side of the convention centre, it's the canal finally..

Canal Bridge

I think, maybe I'll show u the location of the places with a crudely MS Paint edited map, although I doubt u would get what I mean..

A Bull Ring; B Paradise; C International Convention Centre; D Canal Bridge

Just under the bridge,

There's this boat restaurant

This is where Mun brought me for brunch last time..

Group photo 1st =)

The girls studying the menu

Making orders with lenglui waitress =)

Here's the food we ordered..

English Breakfast

I forgot what is this called, Wheat Bread or Oat Bread or something else, but it is yummy =)

Jacket Potato Skin with Ham

Jacket Potato with Tomato

The food was... erm... not bad la.. but the most important thing is that we are eating inside a floating boat, enjoying the view of the canal.. If u bring your girlfriend to this place, perfect =D

Candid Camera 1

Candid Camera 2

Kitchen area

After the meal, time to walk around the canalside 1st..

Canal View 1

Canal View 2

Let's end this post with a group photo by boat restaurant..

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