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August 18 2007 - Birmingham Bull Ring

After a stroll along the canal, time to head back to Bull Ring..

Victoria Square

Passed by this Victoria Square on the way. Not gonna blog or post more photos about it, because I've already done so when I wrote about my 1st visit to Birmingham..

Almost there

Inside the Bull Ring

There's many shops and stores inside this Bull Ring.. and quite a number of them claim to be the LARGEST store of that certain brand/label in the UK *yawnz, again*

Saw this in 1 of the stereo shop

This red round thing is actually the woofer of an audio system. Its greatness lies in its ability to play the 'tuk tze tuk tze' thingy and at the same time, when u put your hand on that woofer, it doesn't shake at all! And, its as round as my tummy XD

No they're not testing the jackets, it's actually the flower on Cath's head, an accessory

Look weird nice on it

Erm.. not that nice also actually.. maybe next time..

Have u watched Narnia 1? The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe? What did the witch use to bribe Edmund?

Turkish Delights!

Suffering from the toomanychoiceitis syndrome

Finally realized Bing is curi-snapping =D

Handsome anot, the shopstall keeper?

And of course I have to bring these people to Selfridges...

Nice lightings

The 1st thing u see when u enter Selfridges from Ground Floor is this,

Krispy Kreme Donuts Doughnuts!

Like I said, they put their production line behind transparent glasses for all the customers to see.. I didn't manage to show u any photos of the process back then, here's some photos..

Machine operated

Another angle

Notice they are made 4 in a row.. there's a person standing by the line doing QC (Quality Control).. the moment he spotted any of the doughnut that is even 1 tiny bit not perfectly round, that doughnut goes to the dustbin! Yes, I mean dustbin, literally!

This is to ensure that the doughnuts

Not only taste good, but look good too!

Besides the doughnuts, the other section that I recommended them was this special food section..

How special? Have a look yourself..




Of course we also have to go outside to show them how the Selfridges part of Bull Ring's architecture..

Selfridges building

There's this unique, snail shaped stand alone building outside the Bull Ring..

I think this is the most unique Costa Coffe in the UK

That's my tour of Birmingham for my mates.. I skipped the Mailbox and the Arcadian like Mun brought me to, because I feel that those 2 places is not so important.. it was getting late and we have to make it to Newcastle by nightfall.. yeah.. next post is gonna be about Newcastle..

What better way to end our Birmingham trip with a poser with the bull in front of Bull Ring?

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