Wednesday, June 18, 2008

August 18 2007 - Newcastle at Night

The drive from Birmingham to Newcastle is expected to be 5 hours..

The passengers pretending to be sleeping

However, an unforeseen mistake occured!

Navigator counting money..

Driver dumbstrucked..

We suddenly saw this!

WTF? There's supposed to be NO TOLLS IN UK HIGHWAYS!

Erm.. not 100% accurate actually.. There's 2 places where u need to pay toll...

1 of them is located near London.. when u drive into London, u will need to pay.. it's not actually a toll, it's more like a city tax.. technically, it's something like the toll u pay when u wanna drive across Penang Bridge..

The other 1 is at the Birmingham bypass motorway.. U see, Birmingham is the 2nd largest city in the UK, naturally the traffic would be shit here.. so the solution is to open a parallel bypass when the motorway is nearing Birmingham city.. if u wanna avoid the traffic, u take that bypass; if u wanna avoid paying, u take the original motorway and get caught in traffic when nearing Birmingham..

And we took a wrong turn and ended up in this bypass! Not supposed to.. like I said, it's a wrong turn... and the toll was 3 pounds... darn it!! And we have to make our way at the next exit, through those kampung roads out to the correct motorway..

So the estimated 5 hours became more than 6 hours!

And we had to refuel before we reached Newcastle!

Straying away from the post awhile, notice the price is 99pence/litre.. our good friend Najib will tell us, that's RM6.30/litre, so we are significantly cheaper than them... what I say is, the average angmohs are earning 2000 pounds/mth and buy fuel at less than 1 pound/litre, compared to most of us who make RM2000/mth but have to buy fuel at RM2.70/litre!

Anyway, back to the topic. Sorry mates, GPS (that's what they call me) went haywire suddenly ~_~"

So... more than 6 hours later,

The Tyne Bridge!

Well, technically, we're not in Newcastle. Let me tell u, Newcastle's full name is Newcastle-upon-Tyne.. this is because the city is built beside the River Tyne, and hence the bridge named the Tyne Bridge..

Newcastle is on 1 side of the river, we are actually on the other side of the river, and this side of the river is another town, called Gateshead!

Newcastle is famous for the 2 bridges, the Tyne Bridge being 1 of them, the other 1,

The Millenium Bridge!

While we were on our crazy driving trip around the UK, Nick was on another driving trip with 3 hot chicks (niama.. so lucky), and we met up in Newcastle Gateshead..

Us, with Nick, Chiew Yen, Vi Dea, and... erm.. Ah Chi?

*Those of u reading who knows, plz correct me if I'm wrong by leaving the correct name in the shoutbox thank you*

This Millenium Bridge changes colours every 30 seconds..

Like this

The Tyne Bridge is for cars and lorries and buses.. the Millenium Bridge is specifically for pedestrians and bicycles..

This is the Newcastle side of River Tyne

And the Millenium Bridge is actually the Gateshead Millenium Bridge..

Here's a view without the eyesore people

Saw the unique looking building on the left?

The Sage Gateshead

This building is a place for musical and art performances, conferences, and concerts.. somebody was performing in there that night, and we did not have the tickets, so we were not allowed to go in and have a peek..

Another group photo with a view of the Millenium Bridge

This is my personal blog, right?

So let's have a solo photo with the Tyne Bridge as background

Bing loved the view taken at this angle, and he decided to take a photo with Nick at the same spot..


But what he did was very reckless and extremely dangerous!

This was where he was standing to take the photo!

After that, we went back to our cars and went to sleep... budget trip, no hostels..

Bing decided to stay outside to take the ultimate photo of River Tyne, so I shall end this entry with what I feel is the best view of the river...

Taken on the Tyne Bridge


Simon Ho said...

haha. if malaysian highways got 2 tolls only damn good la.

Eh, that bridge looks stunning la. how come you get to go all these places wan?

RealGunners said...

erm.. bcz I am TARCian? TARCians get to choose to take up an optional 1 semester degree topup programme in Liverpool/Sheffield..

of coz the cost is expensive too la.. the fees including accomodation is about 3000 pounds, food + shopping + travelling around UK + Europe tour about 2000 pounds, that makes it about RM35k back then..

i took a 30k study loan from Kojadi, now dogging it out to repay lo.. but worth it la.. at least i enjoyed the final semester of my studies..

Cely said...

Nice! how great u had the study abroad experience! Envyyyyyyyy

-Bl@NK- said...

Nice scenery u hv there. cool idea of combining the bridge pics changing color. should do one for eye of malaysia too. =)

RealGunners said...

cely: apparently, not all get this kind of experience.. i think marieanne didn't go to so many places too.. u need to be able to part with $$ + dun be so calculative + playful =D

bl@nk: actually, i've never been to the eye of malaysia yet.. it was so hyped up that i didn't feel like going at all XD