Thursday, June 19, 2008

August 19 2007 - Blackpool

The last part of our crazy round-the-UK driving trip.. from the Angel of the North, we made our way to Blackpool, which is about 4 hours away..

Blackpool is like... THE entertainment city of the UK.. in many ways, its function is similar to Genting Highlands.. but of course, besides function, everything else is different..

Our 1st group photo in Blackpool

Another group photo

Blackpool tram

Road sign

Follow Town Centre, and u will find nothing special; follow St Annes, and u will find yourself suddenly facing Albert Docks after an hour's drive..

Pleasure Beach, that's what Blackpool's strip of beach and the theme park is called. And the 2 miles stretch of road along this beach, called Promenade, is where all the happenings happen here in Blackpool..

When people mention Blackpool, instantly, the 1st thing that comes into mind is

The TALLEST roller coaster in the WORLD

The Pepsi Max Big One... erm.. used to be tallest in the world actually, now it's just the tallest in UK.. but still great nonetheless..


Notice there's alot of animal shaped lights along the street? Well, they were there for a reason..

Blackpool is also famous for a light festival, the Blackpool Illuminations, usually scheduled to start from end of August to end of November..

And today is not yet the end of August, so we will only be able to see the lights hanged on the light posts, but no illuminations.. I'm sure it would have been a magnificent sight when all the lights go on... but the timing just wasn't right for us as we can't manage to squeeze a Blackpool trip in September...

Pleasure Beach Theme Park entrance

This theme park is free to enter.. but u need to pay separately for each ride, or buy a day pass. If u have no intentions of taking any rides, then u can just go in and look around, free of charge..

Roller coaster

Another roller coaster

Maybe I should give u a video, with some noise..

Remember when I blog about Wirral,

I made fun of Nick?


Looks like we all are kids at heart after all XD

This is not a ride, it's just a display kit, so it's free of charge...

Pirate ship

5 people + 2 statues

We were guilty of speeding,illegal parking,camwhoring

Saw this in a souvenir shop, the lollipop suits me

Somemore roller coaster

Boat coaster

Pleasure Beach is not only about theme park rides, it is also about spectacular shows..

Like this 4D Cinema

And this Globe Theatre

Globe Theatre is house to 1 of Blackpool's 2 signature shows, and the show is called Forbidden.. The other signature show is called Hot Ice, and is played in Pleasure Beach Arena.. didn't manage to find out where that place is though..

And.. these shows are FARKING EXPENSIVE!!! Let's just forget them... haih...

Continue on our stroll along the Promenade..

And spotted this rocket!

Rocket?? I wonder, if Lim Kit Siang has any relations with Blackpool? =D

Blackpool is also known for its 3 piers: South Pier, Central Pier and North Pier..

Theme park view from South Pier

South Pier is just a lousy theme park.. nothing special compared to Pleasure Beach Theme Park.. let's just move on..

Another view of Promenade

While we were making our way to Central Pier, we saw this banner..

Seems like chicken and cow is safe here =D

Central Pier is also another theme park, abit better than South Pier, because

There's a ferris wheel here

The famous Blackpool Eye

Famous? I've heard of London Eye, Wheel of Manchester, and Eye of Malaysia, but I've never heard of the Blackpool Eye..

Anyway, a video of this Central Pier..

We got really really really really really tired, our cameras and our legs were letting us down.. so we did not make it to the North Pier..

This is North Pier view, taken from Central Pier, the last photo before the battery died

The tall tower in view, is the Blackpool Tower. It's the tallest structure in Blackpool.

This is the Liverpool Cathedral

There's a saying that if u stand at the top of Liverpool Cathedral, u will be able to see the Blackpool Tower, and same way vice versa..

Well, I'm not sure if the saying is true.. Liverpool and Blackpool is as far as KL and Tanjung Malim...

Anyway, like I said, camera died, and we were too tired to walk back to our car (almost 2 miles, or 4km).. so we finally spent some money and took the tram back..

And an hour later, we were back in Marybone, end of our Birmingham-Newcastle-Blackpool trip =)


Johnny Ong said...

nobody tried the uk's tallest roller coaster. i wld never let such chances to go by if i ever see one roller coaster.

RealGunners said...

well.. when u're on budget travel, then u just hav to set ur priorities.. unfortunately that wasn't our priority.. hmm..