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August 19 2007 - Newcastle in the Morning

After spending a night in the car, time to take a driving tour around Newcastle city, which means driving across the Tyne Bridge..

But before that,

Breakfast dulu =)

Not sure where Chiew Yen got some cucumber, and she is kind enough to share with us =)

Cath with her hair washed

We went to the toilet inside Gateshead train station. The toilet is not free of charge however, we need to put 20pence into the slot for the door to open.. and it's just a small room with a toilet bowl and a basin..

So we put 20pence and then all the guys got in, and when we were done, another 20pence and all the girls went in..

For 40pence, we managed to use alot of water, and in the process, wet the entire toilet room.. serves the train station operators right for charging us to use public amenities XD

Make up is as important to Cannas as her life

During our Scotland trip, Nick and I were in the same car.. we got into intensed exchange or words all the time when we get into city areas: I was always complaining that he drived too fast and I can't catch up on the maps, and he was always frustrated that I read the map too slowly while he was driving..

Well, last night, he arrived with the 3 girls before us, and they ventured into Newcastle city by themselves.. I'm not sure how many wrong turns they took, but when we finally arrived, Nick literally threw the city map to me and said: "Now I know how difficult it is to navigate a new city while driving"

So this morning, this eye-spinning task was once again charged upon me.. I wasn't really sure what Newcastle had to offer to be honest.. initially I was even hesitant when Bing suggested including Newcastle as part of the itinery.. actually I had wanted to go to Wales instead.. what's the point of coming all the way north just for the sake of 2 bridges? We have more than enough of unique bridges in Putrajaya don't we?

Well, anyway, the ONLY place that I can recognize in the city map is,

The stadium

St James' Park (pronounced as St Jame-ses Park), Newcastle United's homeground.. Chinatown located nearby is a fortunate coincidence..

This is the Chinese Arch, photo taken inside the car

We did not stop to check out Chinatown, headed straight to the stadium..

Ah Leong preparing pretending to take a penalty!

Here, a group photo

Entry to the stadium only comes with a football match ticket, a season pass, or a booking for the stadium tour, and since we had neither of the 3, the outside was as far as we got..

Having no idea on what else to do, headed back across the bridge to Gateshead..

Let's just take a stroll across the Millenium Bridge again like we did last night, just that now is day time, so the feel is different..

Millenium Bridge

The Sage Gateshead

There's a Sunday Market going on!

Food for sale

There's also trinkets, toys, clothes and accessories for sale..

There's also live band performing

Group photo again

Closer view on the Tyne Bridge

There's a 3rd bridge in Newcastle that is quite special, although not as famous..

The Swing Bridge

This bridge is called the Swing Bridge, because when a ship wants to pass thru, the bridge would swing 90 degrees and allow passage for the ship..

We were not lucky enough to witness this happening, but it would have looked

Like this

We made our way back to Gateshead by this bridge, and as we neared our cars, which were parked near Millenium Bridge,

We saw this!

The Swing Bridge swings a passage for ships to pass, this Millenium Bridge just.. lift itself up!

After the ship passed, it will slowly fall back to place!

Of course, when the ship is closing in, there will be notice, and the marshalls will stop people and bicycles from using the bridge..

Newcastle is famous for the 2 bridges, but there's 1 more thing that is ultra famous in the region..

Less than 5 miles south of Gateshead,

There's an ice cream van!

No la.. the ice cream van is not famous at all, I just felt like buying, because I've had a wonderful experience eating ice cream in a very cold weather, tried that when I went to China few years ago, and the feel is superb!

But the ice cream van is selling ice cream to tourists who came to see this famous thing..

Angel of the North!

This Angel of the North is a gigantic steel sculpture designed by some crazy dude, with a huge wing spanning out...

Another angle

I'm telling u, the wind is absofuckinglutely strong here, and this steel sculpture, with its huge wings, is standing there steadily without sway! Amazing!

U might not be so convinced when I said the sculpture is gigantic.. let me show it to u..



When my buddies saw me buying the ice cream, they all had the same thought: "This idiot!"

But, after I offered my ice cream for them to try it out,

Hahaha, now u know I'm not an idiot!

We will be going separately with Nick and the girls after this, they will be heading to the Lake District while we head to Blackpool..

So let's take another group photo 1st =)

Newcastle is on the north of England, and is quite close to Scotland already,

The temperature is similarly cold too!

Felt like taking photo on the way

Oh? We actually went to the Lake District too!

Haha no la.. it's not the Lake District.. it's just a lake beside a motorway's service area..

End of part 4, part 5 will be Blackpool~~~


Simon Ho said...

i think i'm gonna fall in love with the rides there. and i've not sat on a boat coaster before. The only exciting boat ride i can find in malaysia is the sampan. lol

RealGunners said...

can't really tell u if it's exciting anot.. bcz i just see it, riding it needs more $$