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August 20 2007 - 中华行 Chung Wah Supermarket

Back from another long haul trip, and our kitchen supplies were running low, so today is time to go grocery shopping again..

We have been buying our Chinese foodstuff in 鸿图 Hondo Supermarket, which is a supermarket beside the main streets..

We have heard of another supermarket which is the largest and cheapest chinese supermarket in Liverpool, but it was well hidden inside the housing area and we always failed to find it..

Today however, armed with sheer determination, Me, Bing and Brain went looking for it again and..

Haha! Found it at last!

This is the supermarket building

Chung Wah Supermarket, 中华行

The entrance

Inside the supermarket

Don't think will come up with stories in this post, just photos of some of the things on sale here..

Maggi - made in Malaysia, but is exclusively UK edition, the taste got abit different..

Hong Kong noodle 出前一丁

Majority of the Chinese here are from Hong Kong so, have to cater for their needs as well..

White Rice Cake = Shredded Pan Mee, Vermicelli = Bihun

It's August, nearing Mooncake Festival too

Look at the price yourself

Of course there's rice, we're bloody Chinese remember?

Pickled lettuce 罐头菜心

Luncheon Meat 午餐肉, Made in China Holland

Sometimes, u can find different brand that's Made in Denmark too..

Even tauge also come in tin!

Nespray Nido and Milo

Soy Sauce 生抽 @ 'See Yao'


While me and Brain were queueing up to pay for our goods, Bing wandered off again..

And took a photo of these

Hahaha, should've bought 1 of these to make wantan mee =D

They sell whisky too??

Nope.. this is what I bough in the whisky distillery back in Scotland.. not related to the supermarket at all =)

Anyway, that's a typical chinese supermarket for u...

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