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August 21-27 2007 - Relax and Peaceful

Another entry that is meant for my own records, read if u want to..

August 21

Money is getting scarce.. we have been on 2 major trips and a few other trips outside Liverpool.. at least for me personally, it's more or less spending the rest of the semester quietly in Marybone..

Main dish's ingredients for tonight

Chef Leong's specialty - Spicy & Sour Chicken

Cannas is becoming quite a regular in our house too

Can consider as the 3rd 'half-housemate' after Peggy and Cath

Family photo again, Chiew Yen and Vi Dea is here too =)

August 23

Initially, Peggy and How Chen was part of the Backpack Europe team, who planned to backpack their way in Europe after our semester ended. However, halfway thru the semester, they had a change at heart and were now with us taking the Europe Tour package..

If u have noticed, we haven't went to THE place to visit in the UK... LONDON!

The plan was, after the Europe tour ended, we would spend 5 days in London before leaving the UK for good *sobs*..

A little brainstorming and planning is thus required

And camwhoring in the process

This doesn't look like my room right? That's because this is not my room.. this is Peggy's room, in Marybone Phase 2..

Usually, it was Peggy and Cath hanging out in my house, but today, since I made a rare appearance in her house, she got excited and prepared snacks for us =)

Snacks platter with chilli sauce

Yummy Yummy

The 5 members of the London Plan Commitee

August 24-26

I'm officially HOME ALONE!!

Nick and Cath went with How Chen and Peggy to Hemel Hempstead (somewhere quite near to London) to visit How Chen's uncle..

Bing went with the Europe Backpack team on a driving trip to Birmingham, Stonehenge and Wales...

Brain went with another gang on another driving trip to Stonehenge..

I wasn't interested My money was really running low, so I decided to let them get on with their trips and spend my time relaxing at home..

I did not take any photos because I'm not a very good camwhore, especially with my Motorola V3x only.. but I did enjoy being home alone my way.. those rice eating scums were finally away, so I finally had the luxury to have all kinds of food that I had crave for: pizza, pies, rissoto, DIY turkey burger, DIY maccarone and cheese..

I'm not jealous with Brain's and Bing's trip to be honest, but I kinda regret not going with How Chen..

They initially planned to stay at his uncle's place for 2 days and then head to Sheffield and stay there for another 2 days... and I wasn't interested with both the places..

What I did not expect was, How Chen's cousin brought them to Oxford during their stay, and they stopped by Nottingham on their way to Sheffield... now that 2 places, I am interested! Damn it!

I don't think I need to say anything about Oxford, the university is world famous.. Nottingham? No, I care shit about the university.. but I'm quite interested with the Robin Hood legend and Sherwood Forest... haih...

But anyway.. fated that there will be at least some regrets in my stay in the UK..

August 27

Nick and How Chen has not come back from Sheffield, but Bing and Brain is back.. so we went out to stock up on some grocery and snacks..

Liverpool is really quite a quiet city =)

Not alot of people live in this city =D

Our favourite snacks hunting ground (because its cheap),

Home Bargains!

Pringles, cup noodles, and muruku.. yes I mentioned muruku =)

On our way home, we saw this phone that looks like a toy again..

I was struggling whether or not to buy this phone at that time

End up didn't buy it.. and it proved to be 1 of my greatest regrets! How good it'd feel if I had been able to show off this toy phone that really works to my friends =(

We got this card from the Queen Square Information Centre

This card has a very convenient function..

Waiting to put the card into use

This card allows us to take the city circular bus for FREE!

Erm.. no la, this 4A is not the bus.. I just used this as an example of a bus.. and city circular bus is.. a bus that rounds the city center? And our Marybone is within the city center radius, fortunately =)

Bing camwhoring with his card

Let's end this recording post with a not so happy post..

Lonely family photo

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