Friday, June 20, 2008

August 28 2007 - Liverpool 800th Birthday

Today is a special day.. it is Liverpool's 800th Birthday!

Early in the morning, the road outside Queen's Square is blocked..

And crowded

A parade is going on.. even the Liverpool FC and Everton FC youth team members joined the parade!

Here's some of the people joining the parade

This fella is 1 of the Everton's 1st team player, not sure who he is though

We got pretty excited, because there's gonna be major fireworks at 3 different spots tonight: Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral, and the docks!

Dinner 1st

After dinner, I went back to my room to get on with things, and Brain went back to his room to get some sleep.. but the rest of them, they decided to play with orange skins! I made 3 Photoshop GIFs of them, u can decide which 1 looks nicer =)

High Speed

Slow Motion

Now u see, now u don't!

We decided to head to the Metropolitan Cathedral to catch the fireworks..

The show begins


More fireworks

Although I personally feel that the fireworks we see in Malaysia is more spectacular, but its nice to see fireworks in Liverpool too =)

That was last year, this year would be 801st Birthday for Liverpool, not sure if there will be fireworks as well... but this year is also a special year for Liverpool.. because this year they are going to be Europe's Capital of Culture!

Too bad we are already back in Malaysia... Congrats Liverpool anyway =)

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