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August 3 2007 - Delta Force Paintballing

This is the last of our LJMU sponsored outings... A paintballing day out at Delta Force.. erm not really LJMU.. it's just for the Engineering school students..

Delta Force is the largest paintball centres operator in the UK. They have many sites throughout the UK. The one that we went to is located in Bickerstaffe, about 45 minutes away from Liverpool..

Making our way into the paintballing site

Not too many people attending =)

Take a photo sin

This is the boss coordinator of the centre (not the Indian)

The guys gearing up for action

The girls gearing up

Group photo before WAR!!

Another photo of the girls

We were divided into 4 groups, dispatched to different 'battle' sites and pitted against each other.. there's 6 different sites here, with different objectives and missions for each site.. see here for descriptions...

U can't expect me to give u photos of what happened inside there can u? Cameras are disallowed beyond the rest area.. it would be extremely stupid to smuggle 1 in anyway... might get smashed by 1 of the paint bullets in there..

Having fun

Lunch was provided.. erm.. it wasn't any great lunch, just burger... erm.. imagine KFC's Colonel Burger.. it's similar...

We actually only get to play shootout in only 4 of the sites.. 2 before lunch and 2 after lunch.. Each of us were given 100 bullets.. we can buy extra ammo from the shop at the rest area, provided u have the cash and wanna go trigger happy =)

This is the rifle that we used

Battle scar

How Chen with our Programme Leader Dr Mike Shaw... erm.. Dr or Prof ah?

They have profesional marshalls in each of the sites to make sure we follow the rules, and to calculate the points that we scored..

After all the games ended,

The moment of truth!

And.... my team won!!! Yay!!!

My jubilant teammates!!!

Wait, I think it's time for a video..

Champions group photo

Another group photo

This is the cert!

With abit of modification with Microsoft Word and the printer,

Now this looks more classy, with our name printed on =)

It was ironic that the 1st certificate we earned in the UK is not our degree cert, but paintballing cert =D

It was really fun... although quite painful if u get hit alot of times..

The mood was still there when we had dinner back home

Nick all geared up to leave home again

Nick is really the toughman.. it was so farkin exhausting throughout the day, and instead of sleeping the day out, he was on the move with his friends again! He will be heading towards Wales.. and he will be driving!

Here's his travel mates this time around..

Chee Seng, Chiew Yen, Vi Dea and Nick

So he won't be at home for the next few days.. don't worry, we're not going to miss u =D

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