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August 5 2007 - Merseyside Maritime Museum

We have been in Liverpool for more than 2 months.. and have been to the docks a few times.. but there was 1 place there that we completely missed out everytime... so in conjunction with another bunch of Sheffield folks coming over to visit.. time to bring them on a tour again and cover that place that we missed together..

Here's the Sheffield folks, and us..

Am not going to post any photos of the cathedrals or Chinatown here.. I myself am bored of that.. will just post photos of that place that we missed...

I now present u, Merseyside Maritime Museum

Museum's entrance

When I mention Maritime Museum, I hope u are not expecting

This, or


U should expect things like



The Lusitania is not nearly as famous as the movie-made-famous Titanic, but it was a great great ship too..

Here, this is the famous 1

See? T-I-T-A-N-I-C

I thought the Titanic was built in Ireland, and made her maiden and only voyage from Southampton.. What has it got to do with Liverpool?

There's also warship models and seafaring war weaponry on display..

Like this torpedo

Cath doesn't know how to pose with the torpedo. It's WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) u know?

This is how you're supposed to pose!

Bad example of the art of camouflaging

Telephones on the ships???

We also checked out the standard kitchen layout of British ships..

Meals on board of the ships doesn't seem too bad at all

Notice me at the back? Just checking out the washing machine =)

There's the fridge

Saw this on the walls

I'll give Cath more coverage because of her poses =)

Outside the museum,

We saw this

And this artist at work

I wasn't about to get my face drawn into a Spiderman.. neither did Bing wanna get involved..

But Cath is ever so adventurous =D

Oh? Seems like the artist doesn't do just the Spiderman

Cath with the artist

Does it cost u any money ah Cath??

We basically left the Sheffield people alone after tour guiding them on another Liverpool tour.. erm.. I mean, me Bing and Cath left them alone... Eric has other plans lined up for them...

This Eric is not the same Eric that I blogged about previously.. he the 1 in the 1st photo on top, back row, 2nd from right in the photo.. and this Eric is LJMU student too..

We got back just in time for dinner... and...

Woohoo! We got another female guest! Lim Yuen, yay!!

Nick was away to Wales, remember? So he's not here today..

That night, I decided to showcase my new discovery to Peggy and Bing..

Mr Chips! Pirated Small brother of Pringles!!

Mr Chips doesn't curve like Pringles

And the tin can fit into the Pringles tin =D

It wasn't really cheaper too... 99pence bought me 2 tins of Mr Chips, while Pringles costed 49pence in Home Bargain.. hmm....

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