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August 6-7 2007 - Haircut and Kettle Fiesta

August 6

Cath was fast gaining reputation as a good amateur barber barbress hairstylist.. She has been trimming alot of heads for about a month.. And since my hair was beginning to look like a forest, I figured I would get her services too..

The scissors and clips were Denil's, so I think I'm gonna give him some coverage too..

This is Denil, in the middle

Good for u man to think of bringing the haircut tools, otherwise, we will all be so screwed hahaha =D

My haircut took place in my room, in front of the basin and mirror..

Cath in action

Look at my hair ~_~"

Not forgetting to camwhore

Trimmed away hair

U see, the saying goes: 天下没有白吃的午餐 (there's no free lunch in the world).. We can't expect Cath to do this tedious task over and over again for nothing, right?

But then, there's another saying: 讲钱伤感情 (talking about money will hurt the relationship friendship).. So we don't wanna can't pay her money for her services too, right?

The solution: we would buy her something that she wants as reward for her services..

I wasn't the only one asking her to cut my hair.. I'm not sure whose the 1st person to ask her to do the haircut, but her fame grew rapidly that even strangers drop by to enquire about her services..

As a result, Cath received alot of gifts: Vodka, pizza, McVities, etc..

My reward to her was abit different: I would sponsor her 3 pounds (rising to 5 pounds depending on my luck in the casino later at night) on our next shopping trip, scheduled 2 days later. I will cover this shopping trip in my next post =)

Enjoying dinner after a day's hard work

August 7

We have been buying chips in the cafeteria all the while because we wanted to at least have something hot for lunch.. and then, midway thru July, the cafeteria decided to close for the summer, leaving only the refectory (dining area) open..

That left us with just whatever we prepared from home, either sandwich or burger usually, which would always turn cold during lunch time.. we have been enduring our cold lunch for half a month when we decided, enough is enough, we want hot food for lunch!

I came up with an idea... and after much reluctance and persuasion among my housemates,

We decided to bring our flat's electric kettle to school!

Jason was quite blur about what's going on... He must've been thinking: "Wtf? Why bring this thing here??"

After explaining to him,

An enlightened smile =)

The electric kettle is only half of the story..

This is another half

We woke up earlier that day to cook our Cintan mee and to fry some eggs, sausages, and whatever we wanted to have..

Anticipating the next move happily

Here's the next move..

We boiled water with the electric kettle, and pour them into our noodles, together with the seasoning powder. Now we can have hot food! Yay!!

This is the yummiest instant noodle I've ever had!

Look at Cath's method of expressing her satisfaction!

It was a crazy idea. Every other students gave us bewildered stares as we went on with our plan.. some of them even mocked us for trying to be the stand out gang.. but then, a smart idea is always a smart idea..

Within a week, we get alot of kettles in school fighting over the limited plugs available

Everyone's got hot food, so everyone's happy =)

But we're even much happier as that night, Cannas decided to come over and cook for us again =)

Donno what fruit that she is cooking

Let's end this post with another creative family photo =)


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