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August 8 2007 - Manchester Arndale

This will be the last of my 3 part August 8 2007 Manchester posts...

After buffet, it's time to do what we really wanted to do for the day: shopping!

No, we're not going to the Trafford Centre again.. we'll be going to somewhere nearer..

Manchester Arndale, or locally known as The Arndale, according to the locals, is the UK's largest shopping mall inside a city centre *Hey! what about Bull Ring Birmingham?*

And just outside The Arndale is Market Street, where all the brands and labels have their stores.. so that's where we're headed..

Our 2nd trip to Manchester is always about shopping =)

Buffet City was quite far from The Arndale, but since our bellies were like fully blown baloons, it was always gonna be a great idea to walk instead of taking the tram..

And take photos along the way

This is Market Street, Manchester's trams stopping here

Before going to The Arndale, see the shop on the left of the photo? Primark! Of course, we have to get in there 1st!

Why? Because they sell cheap items, and because I wanna fulfil my promise to Cath on sponsoring 5 pounds for her shopping spree

*I did mention 3 pounds, rising to 5 pounds in my haircut post didn't I? Well, I did make some headways in the casino that night so.. =D*

The girls in action

I wanted to buy a new bag, because my bag (bought in Primark Birmingham) was broken.. but I did not find a nice 1, so nope, I did not buy anything there.. I just sticked with the girls and gave them alot of encouragement to buy buy and buy! Hahahaha!!

While we were inside Primark, Bing found something else to do...

He was sulking because I didn't sponsor him 5 pounds also He saw someone holding a film recorder and went over to kepoh (check it out)..

What is he filming ah?

There was a substantial crowd gathered around and when Bing finally weaved his way thru, he saw


And this

It's a street dance demonstration, and lucky for us (and u, if u are reading), Bing took a short video of some of the performances..

We have been spending too much time inside Primark that we might not be able to get enough time inside The Arndale and other shops in the street.. so we decided to leave Primark 1st and come back later.. we have to pass by on the way to the train station anyway..

Actually, does it really matter if the shopping centre is the LARGEST, or if the shopping street LONGEST? Screw the stats! We only care for the few common labels that we are accustomed to anyway..

Example of the labels we (usually the girls because they do most of the shopping) care about in the UK:
Topman/Topshop, Primark, H&M, JJB, Zara, Dorothy Perkins, MNG, Foot Locker, Nike, Adidas, LV, Gucci, Ferragamo, Versace...

Cath choosing her jeans in MNG

The full set of the Adidas End-to-End Series in Foot Locker

My post title is Manchester Arndale, of course I have to give this shopping centre some coverage..

Main entrance of Manchester Arndale

Side entrance

Actually there's nothing much to brag about Arndale, all the main labels were actually located on the street instead of inside the shopping centre.. I put Arndale as my title because it is the only landmark in the shopping district..

Suddenly, Bing decided to become a superhero and attempt to save the world!

Bingkynator!! Armed with machine guns tripods!!

We were wandering around the street looking at the various shops, when...

We suddenly spotted this!

OMFG! Of course! The Eye of Manchester! How can we forget to check this thing out?? Off we go!!

Pretending to be in awe with the reflection of the wheel

This is the real Eye of Manchester

Oops! It's actually The Wheel of Manchester

Price list

6 pounds, no student discount... well even if there's any student discount, 4 pounds would be at best, so.. instead of getting on board,

Posing at the bottom will have to do =)

We saw this.. thing.. with 4 wheels on.. and.. I don't really know why, but we got kinda excited seeing it, lying around beside The Wheel of Manchester, so..

We tried to do some poses and take photos with it

We practically made a fool out of ourselves as passing by angmohs gave us bewildered stares..

It was getting late, and Primark closes at 6pm sharp so, time to head back to buy whatever that requires buying..

Here's the loot

Angmohs have this stupid culture of closing shop between 5-6pm, and no matter how u wanna give them business, they won't sell u a thing or even stay open beyond that..

After getting our loot, there was nothing much left to do but to head to the train station and go back to Liverpool..

Bingkynator has not reverted back into Bing

Wing Ling and Jason were just too tired to entertain him =D

It was a tiring day, and once the train arrived, we got in, and



There were 2 hyperactive people who did not feel tired at all..

No sleep!

I hope I'm not going to ruin your day, but I think this photo is worthy of being the last photo of my post

Bingkynator finally returns to Bing and went into the dreamlands

That's how our 2nd trip to Manchester ended...

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