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August 8 2007 - Manchester Buffet City

Picking up from the previous post..

After having enough of aeroplanes and helicopters in the MOSI, we made our way to our 2nd stop of the day for lunch..

Buffet City!!

This is nothing like any typical buffet outlet u get in Malaysia, but it is a Chinese buffet restaurant..

Chinese buffets are very common in the UK. U can find them almost anywhere.. Well, in a way, u can say that the food in Chinese buffets is similar to those u get in housewarming party buffets.. but, who cares? We all miss Chinese food!!!

But u have to be careful.. some buffet outlets really sucks..

Sucks meaning, in some outlets, they put out a fried rice, a fried noodle, a few dishes, and that's it! And they call themselves buffet restaurant.. be sure not to enter these scums operated restaurants..

But Buffet City is nothing like those scams.. I'll show u proof!






There's even desserts!!

Here's the price list

For all that, we only pay 5.5 pounds per person.... no, wait! It's 4.95 pounds... 10% discount if u have your student card with u.. and u can eat till u drop =)

For comparison, a steak cost about the same...

But there's 1 catch.. u can't eat all the way from 11.30am to 6.00pm.. they have a time limit.. some restaurants allow u to stay in the restaurant for 1 hour, there's also some who give 2 hours.. make sure u check with different restaurants to get the best deal =)

Buffet City offers 2 hours time limit, and 2 hours is more than enough time to turn your belly into a fully blown baloon =D

Dinner seems more expensive, I'm not sure if they have more luxurious food on offer at night..

Anyway, let's continue with the photos..

Bing and Cath the frontrunners

But me and Simon got more food on the table

Jason, Peggy and How Chen not losing out

Ei? Where's Wing Ling ah?

Nvm, got group photo ma =)

An hour later...


Buffet is something very ironic to us.. We all love buffets don't we? We are supposed to pay money and enjoy our food, but we end up suffering like this,

Lousy thing

Not all are as lousy as this poor chap Jason..

Cath is small in size, but big in appetite =D

I'm still at it too

An example of toomuchfooditis

Basically, we spent about an hour stuffing ourselves up to the max, and the next hour was spent continue stuffing, trying to break our food consumption limits, as well as taking alot of videos depicting our suffering from too much food..

*I know, it sounds rude to say this because there's alot of people who does not have enough food, but hey, I paid for the buffet, u can't expect me to not eat bcz of feeling pity to those in need right? I did my fare share of donations too u know*

Anyway, here's the videos..

Everyone after the food

After food antics

More antics

Buffets are nice, I will always love buffets =D

And we need the food to have the energy to do what we will do in the next post...

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