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August 8 2007 - Manchester MOSI

I've been getting some complaints that my post is way too long and takes alot of time to read.. and there are alot of photos for this August 8 2007 date, so I think I'll break it into 3 posts..

Exactly 1 week ago, we went to Manchester for the kukujiao friendly match between Man Utd and Inter Milan.. however, we did not really check out the city itself.. so today, we will be going to Manchester again =)

Same thing, we took the train from Liverpool..

Liverpool Lime Street Station

Not everyone wants to go to the same city for the 2nd time, so today, there will only be 8 of us..

Me, How Chen, Peggy, Cath

Simon, Bing, Wing Ling, Jason

Peggy with a 50pence chip from the casino

This girl.. ish ish.. smuggle a chip out from casino.. and 50pence chip is useless outside the casino, but... Ok la.. she like ma.. not my money also.. =)

We did not get off at Picadilly this time around, we got off 1 stop earlier,

At Manchester Oxford Road

Why? Because we will be going to a place that is closer to walk to from here..

It was a long walk, and on the way, we saw

Kentucky Kingtucky Fried Chicken

And this magnificent building

Another angle

Actually it is the Hilton hotel, if u didn't manage to catch the logo from the 2 pictures of the building..

Finally, we reached our 1st stop of the day,

MOSI = Museum Of Science and Industry

Here's another entrance

This MOSI, it has a few sections: Industry, Transport, Science, Energy..

But we are always gonna be interested in the Transport section only.. Air Transport to be specific.. =)

Let's not bother u with words and give u photos..

Orange Black Box Flight Recorder

Some jet aeroplane from WW2

Donno what plane this is

Another plane

HUGE plane!


This Morphis is a 3D simulation theater, 4 pounds for a 10 minutes ride.. thanks but, no thanks =)

Airbus A380!

Time for a group photo sin =)

If not for Bing, I don't think I can show u so many photos of the plane, or even about UK.. I remember back then, whenever we go on trips, he was always lagging behind trying to take nice photos, and we will scold him for wasting our time..

But I'm really grateful because he was stubborn and continued to take all those shots, so that I can blog about them.. so I'll give him some coverage..

Handsome Rob Handsome Bing

We did check out the Energy and Industry section, but I'm not gonna bore u with photos from there..

Maybe just 1 photo, relaxing at the bench

U know, when there's a tourist attraction, there must be a souvenir shop within it's premises..

Not sure what these boxes can be used for

Real KitKat and the KitKat box

The real KitKat was mine.. I just have this habit of bringing chocolates with me in trips, just in case.. When u get hungry, then chocolates are really a very welcome and convenient supplement..

Cath, u cannot eat the KitKat with the wrappings on la!

Peggy found something useful (city map), Simon found something not so useful (postcard)

The girls bought an interesting toy..

No, this is not a telescope

What does this toy do? Here's the video that might enlighten u =)

Part 1 ends here =)

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