Tuesday, June 03, 2008

流浪@Connie Talbot

Erm.. going to stray away from UK again for awhile...

Well.. it's not totally unrelated to UK at all actually...

Well, I was reading Nicole's blog on her lip sync attempt and she mentioned this Connie Talbot..

So I traced the link which Nicole provided, watched a clip of her, and was absolutely blown away by her voice!

And then, I thought: "This small girl looks familiar... where did I see her before?"

I finally realized, it was the same little girl I saw on TV back when I was in Liverpool, performing in a certain talent show with the notorious Simon Cowell as 1 of the judges..

Back then, I already thought she is amazing, but then.. how the hell could I expect that she would be releasing an album? I forgot about it after some time...

But... she really released an album! She's only 6 years old! Make that 7 now.. Logically, 7 years old are not associated with releasing a chart topping album!

Well.. not that I mind.. I've been watching all the clips about this Connie Talbot on youtube this few days... cute little girl.. soo sweet :D

Anyway.. here's 2 videos from youtube..


Belle said...

wth! like how old she is?!!! and she can do great vibrato with that small throat..keng ah

RealGunners said...

I'm in trouble lo.. I fell in love with the small girl d.. @@