Thursday, June 05, 2008

流浪@Football,Politics, and the Frustrations of an Ordinary Folk

Was checking out Soccernet, hoping for some transfer news and speculations.. Too tired to continue with Scotland.. Was also checking out Malaysiakini to see what the political bloggers have to say about the fuel price hike..

Mourinho has just been confirmed as Inter's new manager, so has Mark Hughes as Man City's..

Whenever I see these football clubs switching managers so frequently.. I can't help but imagine.. why can't our government run like EPL football clubs..

How long has BN been in power? Since Merdeka.. more than 50 years.. I don't know how things were back then, as I was born during Dr M's administration..

But things definitely got worse and worse as I grow up.. and lately.. as the F&SIL was put into power.. things kinda got out of control... living costs escalated at almost exponential rates, and we get to see our space tourist having a great time out there... etc... not going to mention everything..

We get bullshits like: our economic growth is at x.x%, the ringgit has appreciated against the US dollar by y.y%.. and so on... but these numbers and statistics.. they remain bullshits to me.. they mean nothing to ordinary folks like me... they don't make life easier for us at all! Petrol, food, consumer items still get more expensive!

When Martin Jol screwed up at Tottenham, he gets booted out by the directors and is replaced by Juande Ramos.. I wonder, who is the board of directors in this country? Aren't the rakyat supposed to be the directors, the bosses? I feel that our Mr PM is supposed to be like football managers for their clubs..

Football managers identify the problems of their team, find solutions, be it recruiting a better personnel, adopt better training methods, and motivate the team to perform on the pitch..

Mr PM should be doing the same tasks: identify the problems of the country, find solutions: appointing the right menteris, adopt better measures and approaches (increase transparency, efficiency, reduce wastage of taxpayers money etc), and motivating his cabinet to perform for the country.. no?

Clearly.. this has not been the case so far.. and if so.. I wonder, why did the board of directors of the country not sack this manager and replace him with someone else..

Don't get me wrong here.. I'm not a supporter of DSAI.. In fact, I was less than impressed with his mentioning of securing enough kataks from BN not too long ago..

I actually believe all mortals will behave the same once they come into power... it's just that I think our pathetic situation warrants a change.. the sooner the better..

However, with this recent wave of fuel and electricity hike.. I kinda feel like, enough is enough.. everything else will follow suit and become much much more expensive, while our paycheck end of the month remains the same..

It has indeed turned out to be a battle of survival between the rakyat and the Imam Hadhari.. who will outlast the other or perish into oblivion?

If u are a football fan, surely u will know that all the clubs need a change whenever the team is not performing up to standards for a sustained period of time.. the change might not work miracles (refer Alex McLeish and Birmingham City).. but staying put is never an option..

Same thing here... I believe our country requires a breath of fresh air in the government.. I remember reading in someone else's blog: things are so bad that it can only turn better.. I really believe that that is the case with our country now..

I'm never going to be a good politician or political blogger, because I just can't be bothered to search high and low for all the numbers and statistics to support my claims.. I'll just leave them to the existing political bloggers..

Ah well.. I'm gonna admit.. I'm just sulking at the latest price hike in petrol and diesel effective today.. but hey.. that's what ordinary folks do.. and I'm definitely 1 of them..

I don't really mind if our petrol is sold at market price... what I mind is, u wanna sell petrol at market price, and STILL tax cars at crazy rates.. as well as the tolls... surely 1 year of the fuel subsidy would be able to buy back alot of the tolled highways?

I'm all on if say, we do away with all the subsidies, and all the import taxes for foreign makes, and the tolls.. Let's be honest.. it doesn't take rocket science to know that the Japanese marques are more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly than our local brand..

Speaking about cars makes me think of something else... speed traps..

By my definition, speed traps are meant to curb dangerous driving...

While I was in the UK for a few months last year.. I noticed that all the road maps have an updated and accurate location of speed cameras..

And while we were driving to Scotland/Newcastle/Stonehenge on our driving trips, we noticed that as we are approaching the speed trap area as indicated in the maps, there would be signboards telling us SPEED CAMERAS AHEAD..

I was quite baffled... if u are gonna tell us where u put the cameras, then why bother to set them up at all?? Surely we will dodge all of them..

Then I had a chance to have a chat with some angmohs.. what they told me was quite refreshing..

"They don't really wanna catch u for speeding. The cars are so well made and stable that speeding would not be a big problem. They really wanna catch the drunks and the retards on the roads. If u are aware of the speed cameras and be able to dodge them, then surely u know what u are doing and less likely to be a nuisance on the roads. It is those that are not aware even after repeated reminder that are dangerous to other road users."

Cool.. now let's compare with the situation back home..

Instead of being a way to curb dangerous driving, sometimes, I felt that the speed trap is a game of cat and mouse between the traffic police and road users.. Here, we would have to expect the cameras to be set up at the most unexpected places, and the locations change all the time to confuse us..

And the speed limit is quite ridiculous at some places.. I recall seeing the sign 60km/h while just exiting from the Banting interchange into the Kesas Highway, heading to KL.

It's more like the officers trying their best to be able to catch us, and we would have to either drive at turtle speed, or be on full alert at all times to avoid getting caught.. because if we do, we will have to 'settle' with the officers..

Can't really get myself to blame them though... I remember reading on the newspaper few years back about the wages of the law enforcers, and swearing that I would never get into the police force.. U just have got to sympathize them for the peanuts they get paid..

With all the kancilturbos and wiralutions on the streets of Malaysia, well.. I think it's safer if we don't speed actually.. their brakes, suspension and safety features are shit compared to the import makes..

But of course, if those lousy import taxes are done away with.. then we could afford safer cars.. then we can really start hoping that the traffic snippers be done away with...

Right now, I'm actually hoping: kataks, if u wanna jump, please, by all means, do it ASAP!!

Bah... I think that's about enough ramblings tonight... I'm still sulking at the fuel hike... Good night..

Oops, did I also mention, the motorways and highways in the UK does not have tolls? I'm sure I did in 1 of my Scotland posts..

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