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July 1-3 2007 - More Cookery

July 1 - Scotland Trip Briefing

We were planning to go to Scotland, since almost all our seniors said it would be ridiculous to not go to Scotland when u are in the UK..

Well, I was kinda like.. the organiser for the trip.. u know.. finding out about places to go, the routes, the hostels, etc..

As the date for our trip draws near, I invited the participants over to our place for a briefing after dinner.. but instead of listening to me briefing...

They decided to sit around, (Keen and Jason in picture)

And play cards! (me, Daniel and Keen in picture)

Did u notice the word TULAN written all over my face?

2 hours later,

Still playing cards! Grrr!!!

I give up... let's skip the briefing.. now u guys just have to follow whatever I say while in Scotland, instead of discussing about the plans..

My Scotland trip members..

July 2 - Cannas in the House

Cannas was new to us back then.. so we decided to do something to enhance our friendship.. Bing and Nick came up with this subarashi (wonderful) idea of asking Cannas to come to our place to cook for us, hahahaha :D

And she agreed immediately... donno what she was thinking... stupid betul..

Cannas in action

We basically left her all alone to cook while we do our stuff in our rooms.. I think Peggy noticed our ungentlemanly behaviour and decides to lend Cannas a helping hand..

Peggy and Cannas in action

Suddenly, everyone gets into the thick of action as well..

Nick in action

Then Bing and How Chen gets into the fray as well

When I mentioned getting into the thick of action, I actually mean helping to cook camwhoring around..

This is what Cannas is preparing for us, tomyam chicken

Family photo

Another girl joins our family... welcome :D

July 3 - Wreaking Havoc at Phase 2

I mentioned that the Marybone has Phase 1 and Phase 2. We were staying at Phase 1 (the old block), while the rest of the gang has been staying at Phase 2 (the new block)..

How Chen has been taking alot of videos on our kitchen misadventures and showing them to the mates at Phase 2, and they were quite impressed with our seemingly so happening kitchen..

Today, we decided to cook for the Phase 2 mates instead of showing them videos only..

I decided to make the Spicy and Sour Chicken that Mun made for me when I visited her...

Me in action

Kok Hoong, Liang and Lian Huong

The Phase 2 folks were reduced to kitchen assistants and worried spectators as we stirred up havoc in their kitchen :D

Forced smiles

Bing decided to go with his Vegetables with Mashed Fish Fillet..

Bing in action

We used to cover up the pan with a lid to sort of keep the heat in and braise the vege.. But there was no lid in Phase 2.. I'm not sure who thought of it, but someone came up with an indigenious solution..

Tada, the Pringles method

Soon, everyone got hungry and began demanding for food to be served..

Liang and Peggy

Wing Yew and Lim Yuen

Cath and Nick: Serve me food, or else..

BIG family photo

I'll attempt to introduce everyone in 1 shot.. since I haven't really done that previously..

(From left to right)
Back Row: Liang, Mun Wai, Me, How Chen in front of Mun Wai
Second Row: Lim Yuen, Peggy, Ying Teng, Cath, Mee Chun, Kok Hoong, Lian Huong, Bing
Front Row: Brain, Nick, Wing Yew, Wing Hup

There u go...

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