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July 11 2007 - Walkers Art Gallery

After spending an amazing 4 days in Scotland, and alot of money.. it was time to cool down a little.. and not embark on long journeys again so soon =)

So it is back to Liverpool again.. I remember I mentioned, every city and town in the UK will have their own landmark church or cathedral, museum, and art gallery. We have 2 cathedrals in Liverpool, and also the World Museum Liverpool. Today, we will visit the art gallery, Walker's Art Gallery to be exact..

Main entrance

There's 2 levels.. ground floor and 1st floor..

Ground Floor is mainly foreign arts, like Greek sculptures..

Cool sculpture =)

Naked sculptures are horny artistic

They also have Oriental pieces on display..

This 'chair' is Japanese, I think..

Chinese cosmetic boxes and.. handphone??

And then, there's a room where u can try out some nice costumes..

Princess Cath

Princess and Servant Prince

Magician and the Bee

Too bad the bee costume is just on display. If we can smuggle buy it back to Malaysia, maybe Cath can use it for the Nuffnang Wild Live Blogging party.. I'm not sure if she is aware of the existence of that party.. I'm aware, but I don't have animal costume, so I'll skip..

Peggy was very down about the loss of her mother, and we were all trying to cheer her up.. This room provided 1 such opportunity for Nick..

We could have spent the whole day in that room itself, but within 10 minutes, the art gallery's staff noticed us being inside that room, and hushed us out..

Because this room is for KIDS and the accompanying PARENTS

Although we are kids at heart, but technically, university students does not fall into the KIDS category.. sobss.. :'(

1St Floor is more on local artworks from the UK..

Why is Bing scratching his head?

Maybe the woman in the drawing is pretty, and he got jealous? Hehehehe =D

Nice legs, *yum yum* =D

Well, guess I'll just give u more arts..




This is the curator, or the security guard of the art gallery... ahahaha I forgot who he is..

Poser outside the art gallery

We got hungry, so it's time for some food.. we headed to Chicken Bazooka, which is a Pakistani owned fast food restaurant..

Pizza, Fried Chicken and Chips

After the food, we headed back, but it was still early and on our way, some of them spotted this...

There's only 1 thing left to do eh? Go in lah!

Nick and Bing trying out the boxers

Peggy fell in love with this jacket

Puki checking out the watch

Puki bought a new watch there, and then, something freakish happened. The moment he paid for the new watch, his old watch stopped working! Walaoweh!! Is this a coincidence or.... his old watch has emotions? Jealousy??

Topman have got to love TARCians =)

After shopping, time to go home and prepare dinner..

Like I mentioned N times in my previous entries.. Peggy and Cath has become regulars in our house, and we consider them housemates already.. To the extent that, we won't feel 'paiseh' for them to help out in the kitchen..

The girls are doing all the cooking.. so, having nothing better to do..

Nick and Bing decides to show off their new purchases =D

Actually, Bing was the only 1 who was passionate about showing off, Nick was quite shy.. I don't think the photo tells alot, maybe a video will, hehehe =D

After we came back from Scotland, we get frequent visits from Jason's household (Jason, Puki, Daniel, Wing Ling and Simon), because their stove broke down, and it took forever for the maintenance staff to get it fixed.. so they came over for dinner.. of course, they always sponsor alot of stuff, and dinner got quite extravagant most of the time in the coming days...

Family photo

Ok not this day... there's nothing extravagant about spaghetti anyway.. at least, we did not know of any way to cook them extravagantly..

That night, we decided to check out a bar that our lecturer recommended. Actually he recommended 3 bars.. I forgot which bar this is.. Flannegan's or Apple Bar.. hmm..

Anyway, I'll end with a group photo in the bar..

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