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July 12-20 2007 - Taking it Easy..

The lessons are picking up pace, and.. it's not like we get to go to fun and exciting trips all the time.. it's expensive u know?

So.. after Scotland, it's time to spend a week or 2 obediently in Liverpool..

We have heard of Liverpool's Sunday Market earlier, so we decided to head over on this particular Sunday (July 15) to check it out..

When I mention market, I'm sure most of u will think of fresh vege, fish, chicken, meat etc..

Sunday Market in Liverpool looks like this..


More clothes, and shoes, and accessories

Well, ok.. there's 1 stall that sells fruits..

Which u can haggle/bargain till u drop

Ok lah.. there's also alot of stalls selling CDs, toys, antiques, trinkets etc.. There's also 1 big stall lorry that sells meat: pork beef chicken mutton..

And then there's this stall that does temporary tattoo..

The Stensil Shop Stall

Cath getting something drawn

Peggy too

Rose and Butterfly

Well, we did buy pork.. it was 10 pounds for 4 HUGE pork knuckles, with lots of meat on them..

Going home happily =)

That night, we made our very first Bak Kut Teh in Liverpool.. Well.. we did had a few attempts on Chick Kut Teh earlier in the month though...

Here is ONE pork knuckle

We took the knuckle out from the soup to cut it into pieces to ease our digging in later..

Yay~ Bak Kut Teh~

In the weekdays, we go to campus to attend lectures..

And camwhore once in a while

This is the lecturer for our 3rd module, forgot his name d ~_~"

As TARCians, sometimes we have this habit of respecting our lecturers.. when I say that, I hope u did not misunderstand me.. Let's give u some equations to enlighten u..

Sleeping in lectures = Disrespect to the lecturer,
Attending lectures = Sleeping in lectures,
Skipping lectures = No sleeping in lectures = No disrespect to the lecturer,

Therefore, skipping lectures = respect to the lecturer.. hehehehe =)

When we decide to respect our lecturer, usually we would head to the city center and do some shopping..

Actually, only Cath does the shopping, I only encourage her to shop =)

Of course, we would shop for household grocery too

Sometimes, we would shop for things other than clothes or food..

Like this Motorola that Wing Ling bought

This Motorola is a REAL handphone, u can make and receive calls, and SMS! But it looks and feels 100% like a 3 year old toy.. awesome.. too bad I didn't buy 1..

The kitchens here in Marybone has a fire door which has to be closed when we cook, because there's a smoke sensor outside the kitchen. However, being typical Malaysians, u know how obedient we would be.. and as a result, we get alot of fire alarms all the time..

Actually it's not easy to trigger that sensor. We cook with our fire door open most of the time too, but we didn't trigger any alarm. It has got to be a very big smoke from some burnt chips in the oven or hopelessly and ridiculously overcooked Maggie mee to be able to trigger that sensor..

There has never once been a real case of fire.. but we do get visits from these guys whenever a fire alarm goes off..

They must've been fuckin pissed with Malaysians

I'm not going to show u anymore videos of my housemates doing crazy stuff.. I could've drown u with 100 videos, but I'm sure that would've been boring..

Ok maybe 1 photo

Ok another 1

What's she doing?? Sleeping in a sleeping bag, on a bed?? But then, Cath is already considered our housemate, so I think doing stupid stuff like this is acceptable =)

Peggy is a great cook, and she loves preparing food for How Chen all of us..

While How Chen likes taking photos of her cooking

Roti Telur, yummy~

In fact, it was so yummy that we got excited,

And take stupid photos like this 1

Nick and me have been doing alot of the cooking, after we mastered got used to cooking, but there was one day when,

I decide to spend time in my room,

And Nick in his room

The reason: Jason & housemates have been coming over to our house for dinner because their stove has broken down.. usually, they would bring their rice and sponsor alot of foodstuff, while we do the cooking.. we thought that we wanted a change for a day,

And let them do the cooking

Looks not bad too huh

Poor chaps!

They did all the cooking, and the reward is not being able to eat at the dining table..

We were at Liverpool, but there's quite a number of TARCians in Sheffield too, attending the Sheffield Hallam University (SHU).

Usually, the folks from SHU would come over to Liverpool for sightseeing because Liverpool is more famous than Sheffield, while less than half of us would wanna go to Sheffield. Therefore, there would be guests in our house occasionally..

Eric is one of them.. he came on July 20...

Eric having dinner with us

Try to spot him yourself, he's the one who has never appeared in any of my previous dinner family photos..

That day, Cannas was not with us, but she baked a cake and gave it to us (how sweet of her)..

Chocolate cake

That's when another stupid idea popped out.. I think it was me who suggested it..

Actually, it was no one's birthday that day.. we just made a mockery of a celebration because there's a cake there..

Poor Eric.. he's not used to our stupid ideas, so he must've wondered: "What the fuck are these guys trying to do, celebrating nobody's birthday??"

I'd say it again to end this post:

It doesn't really matter where u go. As long as there's great company, then it would be fun =)

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