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July 21 2007 - Liverpool Tour for Eric

Today we will be giving Eric a Liverpool Tour @ TARCian Style =)

The itinery for today is:
Metropolitan Cathedral - Liverpool Cathedral - Bold Street - Albert Dock

Tour Guides: Me, Nick, Cath, Peggy, How Chen, Bing; Tourist: Eric

I'll try not to include a crap load of photos.. since I've covered all these places previously.. I'll just include photos of places/things which we have newly discovered while tour guiding..

1st stop: Metropolitan Cathedral

Inside the cathedral

This is my 2nd time to this cathedral, and indeed, there's a new discovery...

This Metropolitan Cathedral actually has an underground crypt! However, it's not a place that we can enter as we wish.. we can only enter accompanied by one of the cathedral's guide. Anyway, it was dark in there, so the photos are kinda.. lousy...

Mini chapel in the crypt

Another mini chapel in the crypt

Our guides

Group photo outside the cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral and the Liverpool Cathedral is connected by Hope Street. There is a reason for the street to be named like this.

U see, Roman Catholics and Anglicans were at odds with each other.. from what I heard, the street connecting this 2 cathedrals were named Hope Street, to hope for peace and harmony among these 2 faiths..

In my 1st outing to the Liverpool Cathedral, I mentioned some musical intruments rocks.. well, this time, we're at it again.. we managed to find out what these pile of rocks are called this time around..

A Case History

Group photo again

We saw something that resembled a bench nearby, and somehow, we decided to take a photo like what we used to do when we wanna take primary and secondary school's class photos..

It was an utter failure

Not much photos for the Liverpool Cathedral, as there wasn't any new discovery there..

Group photo in front of the main altar

We did get ourselves into the garden beside the cathedral though.. which we ignored last time..

Liverpool Cathedral's garden

Hmm, lengluis outside the cathedral

The Chinese Arch is just down the street, so we decided to show Eric the oldest Chinese Arch in the UK..

This is the Arch when we came for the 1st time, when we just arrived at Liverpool

Now.. can see nothing at all.. haih..

Utter disappointment...

Another new discovery.. just across the road from the Chinese Arch, we noticed a red house.. I'm not sure what it's called, there wasn't any signboards for the house.. so let's just call it, the Red House..

This Red House is very special. It's not a house actually, it's just a pile of bricks shaped into a house, with alot of different red coloured doors covering the 'house' as the walls..

See for yourself

But, it seems like vandalism has got the better of this house..

No, Peggy did not break this door

Hmm, I know I'm supposed to give Eric more coverage, but I don't have his solo photos with me.. so maybe I'll just give the girls more coverage =D

Peggy and Cath taking jumping photo

Next stop: Bold Street..

Erm.. not gonna give u photos of the street, have already done that.. maybe I'll give u a photoshop-ed animation of the shoes in 1 of the shops there..


From Bold Street to Albert Dock, we passed by St John's Shopping Centre, and since it was lunch time, we headed to Subway for lunch.. we met Lim Yuen and Kok Hoong there, and they will be joining us to the Albert Dock..

Lunch at Subway

I just felt this photo is funny, taken in St John's =)

After the food, time to head to Albert Dock. Cath fell sick and went back 1st.

I think I have more than enough photos on all the docks in my previous posts..

Here's inside the Beatle's Story souvenir shop

Inside Nauticalia

There was 1 place in Albert Dock that we didn't manage to enter last time.. the Tate Gallery.. actually I felt that there was nothing special in there, but apparently they are quite famous. There's 2 Tate Galleries in the UK, the other one being in London.. hmm..

Kok Hoong, Lim Yuen and Nick relaxing on a sofa inside the gallery

Group photo to mark the end of our Liverpool Tour

I'm sorry, but I think I'm getting addicted to photoshop animation..

So here's another 1 of my art crap, saw this on our way back to Liverpool

We also saw a unique building on our way back, through another street which Bing and Lim Yuen discovered previously..

This building seems broken right?

Actually the circle can rotate!!

Nothing more to talk about for today's tour.. let's end with a group photo in front of this unique building..

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