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July 22 2007 - Wirral

Ok, this is Wirral...

The area inside the red circle

And that's our destination today.. we will be going, with Eric..

There's actually 3 ways to go to Wirral..

U can take the bus and go across River Mersey via the underground tunnel to Birkenhead (sort of like Wirral's largest town), and get the local buses from there on..

U can also take the train, also across the underground tunnel, also to Birkenhead..

Or, u can be like us and take this..

The ferry

I forgot how much does the ferry cost, but we bought this Merseytravel day pass.. this pass allows us unlimited rides on the ferry, trains and buses throughout Merseyside (Liverpool and the surrounding area, including Wirral) for the whole day)... shit, I forgot how much that pass cost too..

Merseytravel Day Pass

U can buy the pass and keep it for the day that u wanna use it for.. just scratch the date that u wanna use it for..

Today is a big group

We got our Scotland trip members and the rest of the gang from Phase 2..

On the ferry

Hehe, finally I found a solo photo of Eric =)

Seems like Eric is embracing our totji culture already =)

View of Liverpool city from the ferry

Our destination: Seacombe ferry terminal

Yay, another group photo =)

Upon arrival, we saw a kiddies amusement park in the ferry terminal.. and..

Peggy? Haih.. girl ma.. ok la.. it's ok with girls to be childish..

Cath also?? Haih.. girl also ma... nvm lah...

WTF?? Nick also??? Speechless.. ~_~"

Actually, it wasn't me who suggested to come to Wirral, and to be honest, I'm not sure what will we get here.. anyway, I wandered off to the nearby information counter to get some info.. and.. and..

These guys decide to take a group photo without me! Grrr!!!

Actually I didn't realize the existence of this photo.. I just realized recently when I filter my photos back in Malaysia..

Ok.. continue..

We did ask around from a couple of uni mates who was here before, as well as do some google-ing the day before, so we have a rough idea on a few spots we can go to.. 1 of them is called, Egerton Bridge..

According to the map,

We thought this is Egerton Bridge

But it is not.. Egerton Bridge is abit further down the same road..

This is Egerton Bridge

We heard that there's an amazing beach in West Kirby (refer map) with windmills, so we decided to go there.. and the fastest way to go is by train..

We made our way to Hamilton Square Train Station, but alas! The train station was closed! Apparently, there was no train service that day from Birkenhead towards West Kirby,

And also to Liverpool!

We had intended to take the train back to Liverpool later.. seems like we can't now...

No West Kirby, no trains back to Liverpool, seems like a plan B is needed...

Plan B: Take the bus to Birkenhead town centre and visit the Wirral Museum..

It wasn't a great plan at all (for me at least).. I've had enough of museums... but then.. there wasn't really much choice...

Bus outside Hamilton Square Train Station

We waited for 30 minutes for this bus... only to go to a town centre which is like.. 2 streets away! And by the way, the town centre is also called the Hamilton Square... ~_~"

A monument in the the middle of the Hamilton Square Garden

Having our homemade lunch at the garden

Wirral Museum, just beside the garden

Like I said, I've had enough of museums, so I'll just give u 2 photos of it inside..


Another 1..

We heard that there's a traditional tram service running in town, so we followed the map and the tram line, and made our way to the supposed tram station..

But what we got there is an obsolete tram station with a few trams on display..

Everyone packed inside to take group photo

The actual tram service stops outside the station, and tickets can be bought with the conductor on the tram..

Here's our tram driver and conductor

The tram tickets

This is where the tram brought us to

The Wirral Tram Museum

Well, although it's called the tram museum, it doesn't really display alot of trams.. the museum has a wide range of transportation on display.. cars, lorries, buses, bicycles, tricycles, etc..

Double Decker

Police Car

They even have this miniature train and tracks

The train service does not go north to West Kirby, but the service going south is running fine..

So we took the train,

And head to this Port Sunlight

There's nothing very special about Port Sunlight,

Apart from these cute dolls outside 1 of the houses there

It's just that, there's something going on here today...

Vintage car show!


Cars and owners

There's also this joker going around playing with kids... and us..

Did u see the umbrella? Yesh, it was friggin raining at that time.. absolutely no mood...

After the car show, we just took the train back to Birkenhead and then got on the replacement bus back to Liverpool...

To be honest, I didn't really enjoy this Wirral trip.. maybe it's because of the lack of ideas on what to do there.. it's probably due to the trains not running and the rain too...

Eric will be going back to Sheffield tomorrow, so..

The Last Supper Dinner (at Liverpool)

Erm.. I'm gonna end this post with Eric =)

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