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July 23-30 2007 - Rest of July

Well.. nothing much to brag about.. no trips, just a record of what we did for the last week of July 2007..

Shopping has become an integral part among us.. erm I mean, window shopping =D


How Chen


Cath again, shopping queen =D


Cath again! Shopping goddess!!

Home Bargain is 1 of the place that we frequent.. They sell snacks very very cheaply.. like Pringles, Doritos, cup noodles, etc..

I don't shop for clothes very much, I'm more interested with food =)

If u ask me, what's the best product that UK has to offer, I would say Topshop McVities Caramel Chocolate Digestives.. I can't describe how good these cookies are, they are just awesome!!

Me, Cath and Bing, absolutely loving it!

But me and Bing's love for the cookies is not as deep as Cath's..


But we still love McVities very much la~ too bad they don't sell it in Malaysia.. what we get here is the Plain Digestives which taste like shit lousy...

Peggy and How Chen prefers to love alot of money

Actually we all love alot of money, who doesn't? We just don't flash it around... =D

Let's talk about laptops too.. I can say that, we are HP family... me, Bing and Peggy all use HP laptops..

Mine, Bing's, Peggy's

Another photoshop-ed animation

If there was 1 thing that we do DAILY, it's the family photo before dinner.. but u see, doing the same ol', boring pose is just that.. boring.. so we have to come up with lots of stupid faces to make the photos at least a little bit interesting..

Like this

Erm.. where's Nick? I think he went off to 'format laptop' again.. FYI, he has been formatting laptop since we arrived in Liverpool.. it's not his own laptop that needs formatting, it's a girl's laptop, a girl that he really likes *oops*.. it all began not very long after we arrived, she has been telling Nick that her laptop is behaving weirdly, so Nick decides to be a gentleman and help her to format laptop...

Of course, after formatting, he needs to install the Windows, install all the softwares, and check if everything is running well and hopefully, something went wrong and the laptop need formatting again.. hence, his tendency to go over to the girl's place and having dinner at her place while waiting for the laptop to format.. I hope u get my hidden meanings here, if not then just forget it =)

But we do have other family members, so we don't really miss him =D

But we never miss our family photo session, because it sort of forces all of us to come together and therefore eat together, a good family habit..

So what happens when someone doesn't come to the dining table on time? Here's what'll happen..

I don't really like eating RICE all the time, especially since we were at the UK, in angmoh territory, u know? But my housemates are those who feel that they would die of hunger if they don't eat rice...

One day, I decided to take drastic actions.. Since I was in charge of cooking that day.. I came up with a plan..

Me at work

There's baked beans in my menu

How Chen was worried at the lack of stove activities

Potatoes and eggs

Ok lah.. I wasn't the only one cooking.. they were all aware of my intentions and played along..

See, everyones helping out..

This is the final result outcome of our meal that day..

British Big Breakfast Lunch, TARCian Style

Generally, English angmohs have 2 favourite pastimes.. football and clubbing... that's why we don't get any news of movies breaking box office records in the UK.. they just can't be bothered..

There's only 2 cinemas in Liverpool.. and in conjunction with the release of Transformers the Movie, we went to this Odeon Cinema..

Without the ISIC card, the tickets would've costed 7 pounds each..

ISIC = International Student Identity Card..

Well yeah, u can convert, 5 pounds = RM35 back then, so we're paying GSC Gold Class money to watch movie in a lousy cineplex.. but like I said.. u ain't gonna go anywhere if u keep converting the currency.. 5 pounds to them is like RM5 to us, and I'm sure u don't get RM5 movie tickets with GSC or TGV..

Everyone geared up, going to the cinema

Inside the cinema

If u know me well, u would know that I don't like clubbing at all.. I mean.. I do go once in a while year.. either during Christmas Eve or New Year Eve.. I just don't like the noise there.. and if u are a drinker, clubbing is a very expensive way to deteriorate your health..

But then, I'm in the UK, there's no way to not at least go once to check out what's it like there right?

So I went for once.. to this Walkabout Bar...

Walkabout Bar, according to their noticeboard, is an Australian club.. the thing about this club is that.. they organise alot of dance shows on stage where the dancers are the customers.. and more often than not, these dance shows include stripping.. the best stripper with the most cheers will get free beer..

U might say: Lucky u bastard! U get to see so many strippers!!

But then, I personally thought differently.. those angmoh chicks.. they just strip so easily, as if it was nothing.. each and everyone of them.. when u see everyone stripping like it was normal to do so.. the excitement just isn't there anymore.. I actually got bored watching the shows...

But then, Ah Leong goes clubbing is a rare sight, so I'll just end my post with a photo of me inside..

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