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July 5-6 2007 - Scotland Eve and Some Tips

July 5

Finally, the time has come for us to go to Scotland... woohoo!!!

We'll be leaving at 1.00am, July 7, but seems like the party mood has began.. to be honest.. I've never felt so excited in the UK before.. even touching down at Manchester Airport and arriving at the Marybone cannot beat this excitement!

Some of the dudes (and a chick) came over for dinner

Not only me, even Bing gets excited

Family photo

Cath stayed back after dinner, to make her Potato Egg Egg Potato Mayo for our sandwich breakfast/lunch/dinner the next day..

Cath in action

Peggy did not join us for the Scotland trip, because she's going to Wales with the members in Phase 2..

Erm.. at this point.. we sort of like began to operate separately.. Us in Phase 1, and Cath, are pro Europe Tour after the semester ended, while most of the Phase 2 members prefers Europe Backpacking.. and because of this difference in ideology, we kinda like.. start to do things separately... hmm..

It's not like we are enemies already, we are still pangyao ma.. just.. go on trips separately lo... :)

Anyway, let's not talk about this.. continue with Scotland build up..

Peggy, Chiew Yen and Cannas

Chiew Yen is another newcomer to our 'home', and will be joining us to Scotland.. Nick's hometown friend...

Everyone was busy packing up and getting some sleep, and I was busy finalising the routes and maps, making sure of the hostel bookings etc.. so no one was taking any photos of our frantic situation..

July 6

1.00am sharp, everyone is obedient and gathered in the reception area of the Marybone..

Group photo 1st

Hmm, let's intro all the Scotland Trip members..

(From left to right)
Back Row: Ah Boon, Denil, Wing Ling, Simon (not joining), Jason
Middle: Bing, Michael, Cath, Cannas, Chiew Yen
Front Row: Me, Nick, Brain, Keen, Michael, Ah Lai

There's 2 Michael.. The Michael in the middle row is Jason/Daniel/Simon/Wing Ling's housemate, I'll just call him Puki to avoid the confusion, since all of them call him that :D

Headcount done, all the stuffs stuffed into the cars.. let's go..

Group photo in front of a service area

A service area is like those R&R in our PLUS highway. In England, there is no such thing as a Hentian Sebelah with only lousy toilets and fruit stalls. All their service areas have foodcourts and restaurants..

And, the best thing of UK highway is... NO TOLLS!!! Yeah!!!! Erm.. highway is the wrong term, here, it's called motorway..

We left Liverpool at about 1.45am.. and after 3 hours of going 70 miles/hr,

This is Scotland already!

Well, this post is about Scotland Eve, so I'll stop with the photos here..

Well, let's give abit of tips for the juniors who might drop by here.. If u wanna go to Scotland, I suggest u guys rent cars and drive your way up, instead of joining a lousy tour.. The essence of Scotland is the wonderful scenery all along the roads, so if u get yourself into a lousy coach tour, you're so screwed..

2 things that u need to make sure of before u leave:
1. Car
2. Hostel

Car ~ There's a few prominent car rental companies in the UK. Europcar, Arnold Clark, Hertz, just to name a few.. But we found a good weekend package from Europcar, so we took that.. Prices change every year, so I'm not gonna mention the price here... we have 15 people, and we took 3 intermediate class car, just nice.. u should find out where their office is, and go and see the car for yourself before booking..

Hostel ~ I booked all our hostels from Hostelbookers. It's a very convenient website, and u can use it to book hostels in other places throughout the UK and Europe too. We spent 3 nights in Scotland, Night 1 hostel in Kyleakin (Isle of Skye), Night 2 in our cars, Night 3 hostel in Glasgow.

We spent 1 night in our car because we wanna save money.. but.. if u really intend to do like us, please bring ur duvets with u.. and please prepare yourself mentally, because most of the public toilets, u can do almost anything u want, but NOT taking a shower.

Basically that's the 2 major things u need to look at. Places to go, well it depends on u actually.. U can easily google "Scotland attractions/Skye attractions" or something, and a million websites will appear, giving u ample suggestions.. I always like it when people take different paths and discover different fun.. but generally, THE things to do in Scotland is to take alot of photos of the scenery, and get a FREE WHISKY DISTILLERY TOUR. There's alot of distilleries in Scotland, any 1 will do..

Speaking about photos, make sure u have enough battery power and memory in your camera, especially if u are going to spend a night or 2 in your car, where charging your camera is not an option.. no photos = no proof of being there before..

The whole Scotland trip costed us about 120 pounds per person, 4 days 3 nights, inclusive of the car, gas, hostels, food, and entrance fees to castles.. but then, like I said, prices change every year, so just take this as a guideline..

Not sure if I missed anything.. anyway, I'll highlight things I think is important in my coming post.. so stay tuned..

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