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July 6 2007 - Edinburgh

I'm going to start on Scotland.. anything that I feel is worth taking note of, either as tips or advice, I'll bold them..

Scotland is not a country, but part of the UK. Well I suppose, u can compare England and Scotland to Peninsula Malaysia and Sarawak. They use pounds too, but they do have Scottish pounds notes too. U can use English pounds notes in Scotland, but Scottish pounds in England is worth rubbish outside of the money changer.

Ok, let's start with the photos..

Let's start with a group photo

I don't know what place this is, but it sure is IN Scotland. Our 1st stop is Edinburgh, and we just passed by this little town on our way. It is the 1st town we encounter in Scotland after leaving the motorway.

Well, seeing a town that is so un-English, naturally we would get excited, and stop our cars by a side, get off, and start taking photos :D

Solo photo

I just felt this photo is quite interesting =)

Continue on our way to Edinburgh, we couldn't resist stopping again to..

Snap a photo with the country roadside

Liverpool to Edinburgh is more than 200 miles away, and our fuel tanks were half full.. or half empty.. so the moment we saw a petrol station,


Bing curi snap on the other car's situation

Tidur, tidur, tidur! Macam Pak Lah! But then, can't really blame them lah.. it was 5.00am, so technically, it was still bed time..

While we were busying ourselves with refueling/sleeping/going to the toilet, someone found something else to do...

Reading so happily, hahahaha

When it comes to English language level, there's certain books that everyone can read with the same level of proficiency :D

Not u also guar?? U also interested??

Scotland is further up north compared to England, so although it's summer, it can get pretty cold.. especially if u have tough luck like us, when it rains, it can get fucking cold!! So, please bring a good, thick jacket with u at all times..

Our car has the temperature display, see for yourself..

After refueling, we made our way straight into Edinburgh.

If u wanna ask, what's Edinburgh.. well, it's a city in Scotland. Between Edinburgh and Glasgow, I'm not sure which is bigger, but either 1 of them is the biggest..

Our 1st place of visit is the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Holyrood Park which is just behind the palace.. However, when we arrived at the palace entrance, there were just 2 policemen standing there, and they said, the palace is closed for visitors today.. WTF??

Like I mentioned earlier, it was raining, so the park is not really an option as well.. so what do we do?? The plan was 2 hours at the palace and park.. and we can't really waste 2 hours doing nothing right?

Anyway, we just parked somewhere inside the Holyrood Park, eat our breakfast, and..

Studying the map to see anywhere else can go


I figured it would be a waste to not take any photos at our 1st stop. It would be so demoralising to me, as the organiser.. so I ordered asked everyone to take photos at the park if they want to..

This is the Holyrood Park

Nothing to see, because we covered everything... haih... knn rain... spoil our mood...

I finally found somewhere to kill time... it wasn't part of the plan at all, nor have I heard of the place before or googled it before prior to coming.. but it shows a star in the Edinburgh map that I got from the petrol station earlier..

On the way to the place (Edinburgh street)

Still on the way to the place (another Edinburgh street, Edinburgh Castle sitting at the back)

Another hint: The roads in Edinburgh are like a labyrinth. If possible, get someone who is good at reading the maps, city maps, and have a good sense of direction (like me) to be at the front passenger seat of the leading car. Even then, u will probably still struggle with finding the right way. If all of u are map illiterates and directions dumbos, I have 1 thing to say to u: God Bless You!

No la, just fill up your car with fuel, make a few more turns, and eventually you'll get to your destination..

Nick was driving, and I am the so-called GPS, and we got into an intense exchange of words. I was struggling with the map, trying to find the right junctions to turn, as most of the roads are one-way, and Nick was struggling with trying to drive too slowly and obstructing traffic. It wasn't a good experience at all for the fellow passengers at the back, hahahaha :D

Not there yet, still on the way (Some church in Edinburgh)

Finally, this is the place that we went to kill time...

Calton Hill

Edinburgh city view from Calton Hill

Some of them climbed onto the monument and I helped them take alot of photos, but the people is next to invisible in the photos, and doesn't have me inside.. so I just can't be bothered to post them up here.. maybe I'll just show u another photo of the monument without any people..

Calton Hill monument, without people

It was still raining, and it was FUCKING COLD, and since it was almost time to visit the main attraction of Edinburgh, we made our way down and back into our cars...

We headed to the train station and parked our cars at the carpark there, and proceeded to our destination by foot..

Edinburgh Train Station

Inside the station

We were actually on a tight schedule, to be honest, because we only have half a day in Edinburgh, according to the plan.. so the train station was never a place of visit.. however.. when we were proceeding to leave the station and hit to the streets, we realized that a few of us have gone missing..

The culprits, enjoying some Costa Coffee

Abit of time wasted, but nevermind, move on to the street..

The Royal Mile (High Street)

This is NOT our destination, just another church along High Street

There are quite a number of souvenir shops along the street, causing more wastage of time.. I was trying to persuade everyone to leave the shops alone and move on to our destination 1st, then we can do the shopping when we make our way back later..

But.. when u get 1 person trying to convince 14 people, there is always only 1 outcome: failed attempt.. more time wasted..

Ok, let's reveal our destination,

Edinburgh Castle

I'm not sure if I got it right or not, but I think, this castle is the most visited place in Scotland. So I would say, a must go..

The plan was to storm into the castle once they open at 10.00am.. but.. we only made it to the main gate at 10.20am, and we still need to buy tickets to enter..

Ok, another bit of tips..

Get the Explorer Pass. It gives u unlimited free access to all the castles and sites under Historic Scotland's maintenance. Edinburgh Castle is 1 of them, Stirling Castle is another, Urquhart Castle of Loch Ness fame is another. U can buy the pass at ticket counters of any of their sites.

I forgot if the Pass was 18 or 19 pounds per person, but.. entrance to Edinburgh Castle and Stirling Castle costed 10.5 pounds and 8.5 pounds separately.. so even if u just go to this 2 castles, u still get your money back, and u beat the queue.. I'm not sure if the prices are the same this year..

When I say beat the queue, it's just like when u go to GSC, seeing everyone queueing up for tickets while u go to the reservation kiosk to get your credit card paid tickets, it's that kind of feeling lah... if u are 1 of those queueing up, then.. sorry, ignore this paragraph.. :D

Ok, more photos of Edinburgh Castle..

Edinburgh city view from Edinburgh Castle

We spread out and wandered around the castle.. it was quite huge actually.. I walked with Nick to the towers..
Nick's Cannon, hahahaha :D

I'm more polite with cannons =)

Heavy artillery lying around everywhere in the castle

They also have a museum inside the castle...

Nick again, pretending to be afraid of the soldiers in the painting

Me in a rare camwhoring pose

Does this remind u of 'Night at the Museum'?

There's alot of towers and compartments in the castle, I don't think I wanna show them all here.. it can get boring actually..

Another picture of me, somewhere in the castle

The girls chilling out

Let's end Edinburgh Castle with another group photo..

Well, that's all we managed to cover for Edinburgh... erm.. we did more shopping at High Street on our way back to our cars... then it's off to Stirling...

I'm sure there's many more things to do in Edinburgh, so if u ever wanna plan trips for Edinburgh, please don't follow our route exactly.. discover your own Edinburgh...

It's getting late.. so I think I'll stop with Edinburgh... Stirling comes tomorrow..


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