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July 7 2007 - Isle of Skye

Ok, this is gonna be a heck of a long post... 50 photos and a couple of videos..

July 7, 2007.. today is dedicated for the Isle of Skye... actually, 1 day is seriously not enough for this island.. We spoke to a Canadian uncle who have been staying at the hostel for 1 month, and he said, he will stay for another month to explore the whole island...

But then.. u can't expect us to do the same right? We'll just be doing a round up on the parts that most tourists go to..

Anyway... let's just start..

This is how the caravan looks like on the inside

I don't know how it felt like sleeping in there, I was sleeping in the car.. but apparently, the 10 of them thoroughly enjoyed the experience..

Posing in front of the main hostel building

This path leads to the dining room

This is the dining room

They have this notice board where residents can pin up photos of the places they visited during their stay..

The Skye Bridge

It is always advisable to have a plan or schedule and try to stick to it, but it would be disastrous to be stubborn and not willing to be flexible about it..

My plan was, to maximise the time available in the island, so I planned for us to wake up at 7.00am, and be ready to leave the hostel by 8.30am.. But seeing that everyone was so tired yesterday, I sort of pushed back the timing a little, and told them, we'll be leaving at 10.00am..

Erm.. I think before I go further, let's show u the map for where we are going to go to..

A. Hostel, B. Portree, C. Mealt Falls, D. Lealt Falls, E. Uig, F. Back to Portree

Notice the red circles.. those are places we did not cover.. due to the shortage of time..

Ok continue..

On the way to Portree

Still on the way to Portree

We stopped at a recreation centre near Portree, because some of us need to use the toilet, while the rest of us..

Buy postcards and souvenirs

Portree is the main and largest town in the Isle of Skye. I did not intend for us to stop here for very long, because we will be coming back tonight..

However... some of us got excited to be in Portree for a reason that I apparently cannot understand... so...

Ok here's Portree, facing the mouth of the river

I have been the GPS/navigator/map reader since we left Liverpool.. so Puki and Jason decides to reduce my burden by taking over the lead in Skye.. So I began to brief them on where the places are located on the map..

But some of them just can't pay attention

And have to ask again when we were about to leave

This is the leading car for the day

Haih... I wonder if we will be alright.. but then.. there's really just 1 road surrounding the area we are heading into.. how difficult can it get, right?

Bingky and the Brain taking charge in my car

They just wanted me to get some rest.. since I have been reading the maps for 24hrs and did not sleep in the caravan...

Mealt Falls and Lealt Falls are the 2 most famous waterfalls in the Isle of Skye, and that's where we're headed..

On the way..

Take photos with lengluis =)

Angmohs picnic-ing

It's not the angmohs that caught our attention.. it's the waterfall on the hill... but.. this is not the Mealt Falls... I don't know what Falls this is..

Anyway, we decided to make our way to the top of the waterfall..

Group photo

Here's the waterfall

It was really very relaxing to be out in the open, breathing Scotland air..

Happy happy =)

This photo is taken at the hill top

According to the maps, before the Mealt Falls, there's a unique rock called the Old Man of Storr. It's supposed to be an attraction as well.. so we looked for a stop area, outpost or something.. all along.. near this Storr rock, so that we can climb up from there..

Old Man of Storr, taken from afar, in the car

We looked and looked and looked... and suddenly, we find ourselves staring at a signboard of MEALT FALLS.

I thought the rock is supposed to be an attraction... I even read that we can climb the rock and take photos upclose... surely there's got to be a designated stop area... and I'm blardy sure we did not miss any stop areas!

The roads are already so narrow, and there's no stop area nearby.. so how the hell are we going to access the rock??

Anyway, passed means passed, and since nobody has intentions of turning back..

Just chill out by the cliffs of Mealt Falls

Staring down the cliffs

I just realized... I did not keep any photos of the waterfall, the Mealt Falls! Did I accidentally deleted them?? Shit!!! I'll find them and update them here later...

Time to head to the next stop: Lealt Falls..

On the way, I forgot it's me or Nick, but we managed to snap a photo that has potential for gossip..

含情脉脉... wahahahaha :D

Ok it's just a coincidental shot.. nothing romantic at all... Cannas is going to kill Bing me soon hehehe :D

Ok back to the topic..

Group photo at Lealt Falls observation area

The land u see across the sea is mainland Scotland..

Kilt Rock explanation

Lealt Falls' full name is Lealt Falls and the Kilt Rock

Nah nah nah... here is Lealt Falls

This is my blog.. and I haven't really put up alot of my solo photos..

Here is me alone

Bing is the self-proclaimed pro photographer among us... but...

U just have to shut up when u see this

And he's still got a bag-ful of equipments and apparatus..

Another group photo

We decided to travel back to Portree not by going back from where we came from, but going forward and rounding the whole tip..

5 person posing for camera, so whose driving??

This is an example of dangerous driving, please don't imitate... I suppose it's the fresh Scottish air that caused this burst of excitement and madness..

From Lealt Falls onwards, the road become 1 lane.. when I mean 1 lane, it's not 1 lane forward and 1 lane back... it's just 1 lane!

What if, there's cars coming together from both directions? Well, every 500 metres or so, there would be a section of the road getting slightly wider, and if u see a car coming the opposite way, it is wise to stop and wait at that wider part of the road for the other car to pass..

Somewhere along the road

Somewhere along the road also

It was getting colder.. we get 10 - 12 degrees celcius for the past 2 days, and suddenly, it's 8 now.. so we decided to challenge our body fat insulation level by posing like that :D

We decided to make a quick stop at Uig (refer E in map), another town by the sea..


Although I feel that it's actually a street, we've got to respect the locals.. If they say it's a town, then it's got to be a town =)

Well, they have ferry from here going to some other islands out in the sea, so I suppose this 'town' is quite important..

Nothing much to see.. just move on...

Somewhere along the way again..

Finally, we made it back to Portree... 5.00pm.. time to look for souvenirs and have a nice dinner..

Scotland is famous for shortbread, not fancy caps, my dear ~_~"

Yes, Scotland is famous for shortbread. I don't know why they are called shortbread, they just look like some cookies.. many different shapes and types..

Interesting tic-tac-toe

Here's our loot =)

We found a restaurant that doesn't look too expensive.. so we went in..

We ordered different things and shared with each other...

Chicken Kiev

With different sauces


Scotland is also famous for Haggis. It's actually minced mutton mixed with internal lamb organs. They are cooked with whisky, and served with an alcoholic sauce..

The Haggis we ordered comes in a plate.. I heard, u can also get Haggis as a stick of meat, like sausage..

Group photo before eating

103 pounds for 15 people

That's about RM700!! But then.. u are not in Malaysia, so please stop converting.. or u will end up going nowhere and eating nothing...

After dinner, it's finally time to leave the Isle of Skye. We decided to stop by at the Eilean Donan Castle again, before it gets dark..

At the carpark, we saw..

Someone's wedding ceremony.. again..

Eilean Donan Castle before dark

View behind the castle

Well.. Haggis is made of mutton and lamb, which is by itself quite heaty.. and it's served with alcohol... after eating, everyone gets kinda 'high'.. and the effects is still there even when we already made it to the castle.. more than 1 hours after leaving Portree..

I'll show u videos as proof of the effects..

Having an outdoor clubbing session

Continued madness

More madness

Time to move on..

The plan was to head to Inverness, and then to Lossiemouth.

Lossiemouth is a small town east of Inverness.. well here's a map..

Eilean Donan is B, Lossiemouth is D

Why Lossiemouth? Well... it's actually a replacement location...

See the red circle? That place is called John O' Groats.. some seniors told us, the sunrise at John O' Groats is THE BEST IN THE WORLD. But.. we also get some seniors telling us, it's a 5 hours drive from Inverness, and another 5 hours back, and if it rains.. which it does most of the time.. u are so screwed...

After some consideration and discussion, it's too risky to go there... but we want sunrise nonetheless... so I scoured the map for a potential nice spot not too far away... and found Lossiemouth... that's it.. it's really not some place that u can find under 'Scotland, attractions' in google..

Here's another important tip:

There's not many big cities in Scotland. The petrol station in the towns and villages closes at 7.00pm. If u know that u will be travelling far at night, please, fill up at any gas station before it's too late.

We almost screwed up because of that.. u see.. petrol in Skye is slightly more expensive than in mainland Scotland. So we thought we would fill up when we get back to the mainland.

The problem is, it was already 8.00pm when we get back to the mainland, and non of the gas stations are open! We were running quite low on fuel at that time, and the digital meter indicated that we would only barely be able to make it into Inverness, if we drive conservatively..

Urquhart Castle, 20 miles away from Inverness

Thank god, we all made it into Inverness, and being a big city, the gas stations open 24 hours..

Pumping happily

We also found a Tesco that opens 24 hours, so we all went in, bought some food, and used the toilets..

Although they open for 24 hours...

This is how it looks after midnight

That's about all the photos for the day.. since we're sleeping in our cars.. of course we have to save some battery power for tomorrow... =) And tomorrow will be a fun day too...

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