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June 2007 @ Culinary Liverpool

Ok, I lied about the title.. this post has nothing to do with all the eateries u can find in Liverpool.. and everything to do with a few crazy dudes cooking food... :D

I blogged about our trips and outings previously, but as u can see, it's not like everyday there's somewhere to go.. we still have to attend classes and most of the time, when we need to study, we will spend time at our flat..

And when we are not going anywhere, the main activity we do at 'home' is cook! So this post will be about our cookings.. Well I'm not going to post about everyday.. just some of the days which I feel the photos tell a nice story...

June 4

U see, prior to coming to UK, How Chen is the only 1 who has been cooking regularly. The 4 of us are basically idiots in cooking.. but hey, there's always a 1st time for everything right?

So today, Nick decides to take to the helm wok and do fried meehoon for us..

Some of the ingredients

The New Naked Chef (Jamie Oliver being the original one)

End product.. wow.. actually looks not bad eh?

Family photo

However, it's not all fine in Nick's misadventures...

Look at the mess he created

And this 'chao da'

Even the stove..

And since Nick was cooking, we are the ones that have to clean up this mess.. superb... damn it...

June 6

Actually, there's nothing really special today... but then...

Our beloved Brain is back in business! He's not sick anymore, and decides to cook for us! Woohoo!!

I am so ecstatic because, for the past few days, all Brain could do was: sleep, wait for us to cook, eat, and then go back to sleep while we do the cleaning up..

Well, he was sick, so it's alright..

Chef Brain

Drumsticks! What's he going to cook for us?

Jeng jeng jeng, steamed drumsticks!

Family photo

To be honest, the chicken was really not bad at all! Now we know what Brain is good at :D

And for your info, everyday we will take these 'family' photos.. thus forcing us to come together and eat together.. which is totally great! It really feels like family.. when we are eating, we will also discuss and scold each other for things that we are not so happy with..

Sometimes, our dinner sessions tend to get quite stormy, but we're all cool about it.. if someone is unhappy, he voices out.. point taken, then everything returns to normal.. it's actually alot better than keeping everything to yourself..

June 7

We all know Peggy is How Chen's girlfriend, so it is only natural for her to come over to our flat for dinner occasionally.. and since she is a better cook than How Chen, it is also natural that she lends a hand in cooking..

Peggy at work

The New Naked Chef has got himself a protege

Not forgetting to camwhore even while cooking

Our dinner today

Family photo again

Eh? Where is Brain ah?? I forgot lah.. I think he got sick again, so he did not come out to eat with us...

June 10

Well, I have been helping out at the side.. cutting vege, cooking the rice, washing the dishes, up till now, so today I decided to try out being the chef for once.. But I only dare try the sausages for a start..

The sausages we get here is kinda different. If you don't cook them perfectly, they will become scrambled meat halfway in the wok/pan. They do have those sausages that is similar to Malaysian sausages, but it's very expensive..

At first, it's just me..

Then Nick comes into picture, he's got a great smile..

Then Bing joins in as well.. he's got a great smile too :D

This is Nick's idea: Potato sauce for spaghetti in the making..

As usual, family photo

And since I got involved in the cooking, I'll leave the cleaning up to someone else..

Not alot of work only ma... :D

June 16

We are just a bunch of dudes in the house, as u can see.. so we actually love it when there's some girls coming over for dinner.. so we always try to invite girls to come over for dinner..

Today, Peggy came again, and she brought Cath, who will soon become a regular in our house :D

Of course, have to pretend to help out 1st la :D

We discovered that there's a table cloth in the kitchen... pathetic us.. we have been in the kitchen for more than a week..

However, at 1st, Nick was not aware that it's in fact a table cloth.. He thought it's a unique looking apron!

And tries to put it on Peggy

This is what Peggy cook for us today

There's also this corn soup that Bing loves

Again, family photo.. our family is getting bigger :D

June 17

There's actually nothing special on today's menu.. but Bing caught me and Nick on candid camera today while we were preparing lunch..

We were not aware that he is taking photos


This is lunch.. English Breakfast TARCian Style

Today, there's only 4 of us dining together... see..

Only 4 of us

Where the hell is Nick? Well.. Nick went to a friend's flat (female friend) to help her format laptop, and stayed there for dinner... hehehe :D

Well, I'll just stop here with the dates.. it's more or less the same anyway from here on.. family photos before dinner..

Towards the end of June, all of us are getting quite ok with cooking already.. and we are able to come up with half decent dishes..

Sausage Egg (expensive sausages used here)

Vege in oyster sauce and soy sauce

Even Herbal Chicken!

Honestly... looks good ma, right? Taste good also la :D

Some people might ask "So you think you can dance cook?"

And I'll gladly reply "YES!"

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