Sunday, June 01, 2008

June 2007 @ What Else We Do At 'Home'

Well, besides cooking, of course we do other things as well la... like studying, washing our clothes, etc..

Going online with laptop

Going online is not free of charge here, we have to pay 20 pounds a month for access, with a limit of 8GB total downloads..


Seriously, what would UK be like without beer, right?

Beer + Friends = Happiness :D

We also host female guests occasionally. Well, u already know about Peggy and Cath having dinner with us..

Sometimes, Cath will spend more time at our place too..

Watching TVB and snacking on Frosties

Peggy also spends alot of time at our place, but u know la, the couple, always hide in How Chen's room only.. can't curi snap their photo...

Cannas is also our guest..

Act cute

The theory I would like to tell u is that, if there's a clown at home, then things can't go wrong, and u'll have a place that's fun to stay at..

Here's our clown, wahahahaha :D

Another pose

The best part is.. he is totally aware that he's making a fool of himself, and he doesn't mind it at all! Wonderful housemate to have, I tell u...

I'm not sure how to describe some crazy stuff that our clown do, maybe I'll just let some videos do the talking...

This 1 is about Nick capitalising on Bing's fear for yogurt

This 1 is about Nick trying to convince Bing and Cath that minyak angin 风油 is edible

Having 1 clown at home is fun.. but we actually have 2!

When our clowns get to work, How Chen likes to take videos and show them to the folks at Phase 2, and the boys finally voices their discontent..

Think I'm gonna stop here... this is only for June, mind u... there's gonna be more for July till September...

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