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June 30 2007 - Alton Towers

This is another trip organised by LJMU.

What is Alton Towers? Well.. Alton Towers is one of the biggest and most exciting theme park in the UK. When I mean exciting, I really mean it, u know.. Will get to that later...

I'm not really sure about the exact location of this place, but I do recall passing by Stoke city's stadium, and Alton Towers is not that far from there..

Getting excited in the bus

The reason we go to Alton Towers is to take photos for our blogs get wild, enjoy ourselves and get on as many rides as possible..

There's many sections in Alton Towers. Upon arrival, we spread out in small groups.. It was drizzling, so it was damn cold.. but heck..

The 1st section that we went to is the one that sounds the most exciting..


When u see this name, u know this part of the theme park is not for the faint hearted.. or pregnant women..

The signature ride in X-Sector is called The Oblivion. This is 1 hell of a ride. It is said to be the world's FIRST VERTICAL DROP ROLLER COASTER. Well if words can't quite get that across to u, maybe this photo can..

This is what I mean by vertical, straight drop down

That's not all...

Drop down into here

U get dropped into a dark tunnel underground before emerging from the other side.. and of course, when I say drop down, I hope u didn't think it's like 20km/h speed..

Having a group photo while waiting for our turn

I'm not going to show pictures of every ride available.. it would be too boring.. I would just show u the few rides that Alton Towers are famous for..

There was The Oblivion in X-Sector. After that, we made our way to UG Land, which is another section of the theme park.

Group photo at UG Land entrance

What's there in this UG Land? Well, we were actually just looking for this place..

This is the control tower of a ride called Rita: Queen of Speed.

Well, it's really nothing with this ride. Just because it's 1 of the famous rides doesn't mean it's great. It doesn't have twisting tracks or 360 degree spins etc. It's just a ride that goes from 0-100km/h in 2.5 seconds. No big deal, right? Right??

These are actors, don't trust their expressions :D

Take photos again while queueing up

Not every kid can get to take this ride.. 1.4m height is the minimum requirement

But no problem for me lah... hehehe :D

X-Sector and UG Land covered, time to move on.. but before that, let's look for a nice spot to have lunch..

We brought our own lunch, to save money

Well, I suppose I'll give u a history lesson on what Alton Towers used to be..

This is the original Alton Towers, taken at our lunch spot

This Alton Towers used to belong to a certain Earl of Shrewsbury. Used to be a home, but the estate surrounding the mansion was turned into a theme park in 1980.

Bah... I'm getting bored myself already...

Next stop, Forbidden Valley. Now, there's 4 rides that Alton Towers pride herself with:
1 The Oblivion
2 Rita: Queen of Speed
3 Nemesis
4 Air

We took 2, the other 2 is in this Forbidden Valley..

This is NOT 1 of them, forgot the name of this ride

This ride looks interesting, but.. there was no way to not get wet with this ride, so we decided to skip it..

See, they even have a special drying booth for the ride


Nemesis is Europe's FIRST INVERTED ROLLER COASTER. It is said to be THE MOST EXCITING ride in the theme park.

I'm sure this pink water adds to the fear factor

The tracks

Camwhoring again while queueing up

I did not take the other ride, Air.

Air is the world's FIRST B&M ROLLER COASTER. I didn't bother to find out what B&M stands for, but to make things simple, I'll call it the Superman ride, because everyone is strapped into Superman position throughout the ride.

Nah, Superman Ride

I did not take this ride because when I saw the tracks, I noticed there's a few parts which does a sustained upside down on our body. I had a bad experience on such a position when I was a kid, and developed some sort of a phobia, so I thought I would be better off skipping this ride.

Basically, these 4 rides took up alot of our time, since it's the most popular rides, and the queue longest.

There was still time for some not so exciting rides, so we headed to the Katanga Canyon, and took this Congo River Rapids...

Not so exciting right?

We did not check out the whole route of this river ride. Our plan to not get wet was soon destroyed when we saw this...

How the fuck to not get wet if we have to go through this??

Near the end of the river ride

We were too tired to take more rides, so off we went to souvenir shops. Outside 1 of the shops, we saw this..

It's not a statue, the person standing there is a real person! I mean real person putting on the outfit la, not real zombie...

This is a lenglui zombie in the shop :D

Can change face and infect others sumore, super zombie!

Soon, it was time to leave.. let's end the trip with a group photo at Alton Tower's main entrance..

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