Monday, June 09, 2008

流浪@Magnificent Experience with Astro

Sorry to disappoint u, but this post has nothing to do with praising Astro for their services.. it's actually quite the opposite..

I have been unable to watch any channels at all from astro since Saturday, June 7 2008. Every channel shows me this:

This channel is not included in your subscription, to subscribe please call Astro customer service.

WTF?! It's not like I did not pay the monthly subscription fee.. I just paid the latest bill 1 week ago..

I'm not sure if it's the problem with the new smart card. But I have already changed and updated the new smart card according to the guidelines, the channel 880 routine, replacing the smart card, press OK, wait for the auto updates, and sending an update SMS to 32888..

Well, it worked out fine, and I have been watching Astro for a few days, then this shit happened..

I called up Astro's customer service 1300-82-3838, and the get thru rate kinda sucks.. anyway, I was directed to 1 of the customer service officer and then began our long and tedious process of rectifying the problem, including: sending a fresh new signal to my decoder, re-downloading the services, leave my decoder on standby for 1 hour while the technician remotely troubleshoot the problem.. but the problem is still there..

So this morning, I called the customer service again, and she told me: "I will give your number to a technician to arrange time to go over and check it. The technician will charge u a minimum of RM50."

WTF??!! Why the hell should he charge me??

When I asked that customer service, why will I be charged, she apparently pretended to not understand my question and keep on with the "Yes, he will charge u if he go to your place" crap..

This is what I read in the T&C in Astro's website.. and then I began to think..

I don't think the decoder has problem.. channels not being in subscription should not be the decoder's fault anyway.. so the problem has got to be with the signals or the smart card.. which is the property of Astro.

And I'm heck sure I did not bend/scratch/burn/spoil the smart card. I just got it by mail, and replaced with the old card according to channel 100's guidelines..

Anyway, it' a problem that arises not because of my fault.. it's probably the card, so it's probably Astro's fault.. and they are gonna send in a technician to check, and charge me for their fault!

Anyway, it wasn't me footing the monthly RM98.95 bill.. it's my dad.. and if the technician calls me later and decides to come over and charge us for it, my dad said, ask him not to come.. we're gonna terminate our subscription..


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