Saturday, June 28, 2008

流浪@My 1st Innit Top 10

Was blogging about Europe again today, and when I added my new entries in Innit just now,

Spotted this!

Wow! My 1st venture into Innit's Top 10.. it's just a pathetic 12 nangs but.. still felt the Ooommph factor for awhile..

I never really expect to see my name appear in this list at all.. after all, I'm not fehmes, I don't blog about blogging tactics, I don't blog about sex, and I don't try to make my title as catchy as possible.. I just blog according to what I feel while trying not to mislead people with the titles..

Wait a minute, I suppose Red Light District is quite catchy regardless of how u put the title, and it's somehow related to sex..

I suppose it's a one off phenomena of RealGunners making it into Innit's Top 10 of the Day, so better dedicate a blogpost for this occasion and savour it hehehehe :D

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