Wednesday, June 11, 2008

流浪@No More Petrol Hikes This Year

Was preparing to stop blogging and continue with my Slam Dunk when I saw this article in TheStar..

Actually, I know what these MSM are capable of, not that I trust a whole lot of what they say, but seeing how they spin things sometimes is kinda fun actually..

Anyway, I'm just gonna jump on the bandwagon of THE topic lately..

Here's what our friend Mr PM has to say: No more petrol price increase this year.

I do recall him saying that's he's not gonna re-marry again, and next day in the morning, news and photos of his wedding splashed all over the country..

I also recall him saying: I will not dissolve the parliament, and the next morning, news broke that parliament has dissolved..

And not so long ago, he said: We will decide on whether to reduce the fuel subsidy on August, and again the next evening, news broke: Petrol price will increase 41% effective tomorrow..

Oh man.. please... say you're gonna have more increase in the petrol price... please... I'd love to hear that more than the no more increase thingy.....


phingy said...

LOL true !

that man never do as he says.

RealGunners said...

that's y.. i hope he announces more bad news than good news... haihzzz...