Wednesday, June 04, 2008

流浪@Petrol Hike

I have filled up my Kancil's 'enormous' tank with petrol last night, so I wasn't taking part of the queue today..

But tonight has been crazy.. the Esso petrol station which is 2 streets away from my home, has got queues coming right in front of my house!

The petrol station just closed for business for the day about 30 minutes ago.. citing out of stocks as the reason.. many were left disappointed.. wasting petrol queueing up and not getting to pump in some cheaper petrol..

By midnight, it will be RM2.70 instead of RM1.92. I'm damn sure that chicken rice, pork noodle soup and the likes will be hiked at least 50 cents, maybe as soon as tomorrow! And every other items will follow suit soon...

I'm not going political, but I can't help but wonder, is this really the end for AAB and the 4th Floor Boys? Trying to put as much monies into their pockets before they get booted into oblivion? Will we perish before they do?

I wasn't very supportive of the the 'katak' culture, but now, I think if they wanna jump, better jump it quick, before more measures are introduced to screw us up even more...

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