Saturday, June 14, 2008

流浪@Post Office today (June 14 2008)

Yeah.. today is when the RM625 rebate starts for April and May road tax payers..

Since I paid my road tax on April 14, I am of course eligible for the rebate, so I geared up and went to the nearby post office in Taman Muda..

Arrived at 8.30am sharp, and this is what I saw..

Woohoo! Seems like everyone is well aware that today is the 1st day, even though our friend Mr Abdullah only announced it like.. 3 days ago?

When I got my number (1163), I suddenly noticed that their number system is down... Erm.. I don't think the number system is the appropriate term.. not sure how to call it.. it's the number display on the wall and the voice that announces [1 0 0 1, kaunter 2] thingy.. that system was down..

So we get crowds queueing crowding out to the streets... even the money order forms that we are supposed to fill in have already gone out of stock! Luckily I took the form yesterday.. but seems like today is not my day...

Maybe I'll try again later on in the day, when I go out for my haircut...


pamsong said...


Johnny Ong said...

sorry to say but many people have expected this madness to happen. the numbering system down, out of forms and thus wasting hundreds of people's time.

will the govt care? no, bcuz they have done their best in making that annoucement already. the rest is pos m'sia's problems now.

RealGunners said...

pam: memang siao, but the people who continue to wait more siao lo @@ i heard the system was only back running around 12 noon..

johnny: but the post office really working hard lo.. even the manager came out to the entrance to mingle around with the people and try to appease the angry people..