Wednesday, June 25, 2008

流浪@RM 1 million for Olympic Gold

Was watching Sportscenter Malaysia on ESPN (Astro Chn 812) just now, and saw the news that the gomen will be offering a reward of RM 1 million for any athletes that win a gold medal in the coming Beijing 2008 Olympics!

Haven't look for any online sources yet, but if it comes out on TV, I supposed it's true..

Without disrespecting the athletes, I know they work very hard to achieve their dreams, this is like a big joke slap on us ordinary rakyat's face. While we have to contend with ubah gaya hidup, our selamat, aman, makmur gomen has the luxury to offer a fortune in exchange for some medals..

Without disrespect to the athletes again, I think the gomen actually anticipates nobody will get the scalp. Seriously, what do u think are the odds of our sports people making it in Beijing? Offering the money doesn't necessarily mean that someone will be up for it..

They should have announced this incentive sooner. I would've trained full time in a sport and make it big in Beijing..

What!? Don't believe me? I'm quite good in football, basketball and badminton u know?! I'm serious 1 la!! XD


GnomeFan said...

the govenment knows that none of malaysian's athlete will bring a gold medal back here.

i'm sure of it :P


RealGunners said...

i hope some of them get the golds.. if they don't, the millions will just end up in the Barang Naik ppl's coffers..

Simon Ho said...

actually athletes should be athletes for the love of the game and not for the love of money. i hope at least a worthy athlete like Nicol David who has been consistent to get that RM1 million. at least better than giving it to Pak Lah and his gang

RealGunners said...

absolutely.. at any rate, we would have nothing to do with the million, so, rather than enriching only the few of them, i rather more people get it..