Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sept 3-4 2007 - Lloyd's Bar and Exam Eve

Sept 3

Come to think of it, we have never really have a proper steak meal during our stay in the UK, and it is nearing the end of our semester..

The nearest we had is this DIY thing at home..

Today, we decided to go out and have some proper steak..

Lloyd's Bar in Queen's Square

Lots of beer

Lengjai bartender

It was dark in there, nice atmosphere


Chicken Kiev

It was a good meal.. good food, good beer, good atmosphere, good company =)

That night, there was a water service disruption in Phase 2, so we have some guests to our house, to borrow our toilet for shower.. of course we welcomed them with open arms toilet door XD

Lim Yuen, Liang, Wing Yew

Sept 4

Tomorrow will be the exam of our last module in LJMU, crunch time!

Pretending to study even during dinner!

Ok la.. proper family photo =)


The Faux Fashionista said...

Whoa that food looks delish! :P~~

RealGunners said...

u mean.. the DIY 1, or the 1 that we had in the bar? XD