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September 10 2007 - Heidelberg

Leaving Luxembourg early in the morning, heading towards another town in Germany..

When we stopped at the service area, something happened..

This is our driver Steve

Why is he sitting in the passenger seat???

This is the reason!

4 hours from Luxembourg, we arrived at Heidelberg.. I totally did not listen to Paul's explanations here, so I don't know the Cantonese name of the attractions..

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Town Square and Town Hall

Forgot what this is called, Virgin Mary statue if I'm not mistaken

Heidelberg map

I do not possess a camera, so all my photos are taken either with Bing's or Peggy's camera. But sometimes, I really can be useful one..

Helping to set up the tripod =)

Helping to take photos too =)

I'm starting to get tired with the places of attractions that Paul brings us to.. everywhere we go, it is either 大广场(big plaza), 市政厅(town hall), or 大教堂(cathedral)..

Same case here, after the town square and town hall, next up is Heidelberg Cathedral 海德堡大教堂..

Actually it's called Church of the Holy Spirit

There's a marketplace around this church, selling all sorts of trinkets and souvenirs..

Nice to see, nice to play =)

It was lunch time, so we have to buy some food too..

Here's where we will buy our lunch

It's actually a bakery, this Kamps..


Nice nice!

HauptstraBe - Heidelberg's High Street

Heidelberg is a town beside the river... River Neckar I think..

River view

Another river view

Actually, I don't really know what's so special about this Heidelberg. I have never even heard of this place before Paul brought us here. I can't think of any reason to come, apart from the fact that Heidelberg is halfway between Luxembourg and our next destination, which I will reveal in my next post..

Seriously, we could've gone to Frankfurt or Stuttgart.. ~_~"

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