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September 10 2007 - Munich

Moving on from Heidelberg, we make our way to Munich.

Munich (Munchen in German) is the 3rd largest city in Germany, and is the capital city of Bavaria, the largest state of Germany.

When we talk about the 3rd largest city, there ought to be some proof to validate the claim,

Such as heavy traffic

Paul will give us a briefing on yet another big plaza 大广场, and leave us alone for an hour..

Munich Big Plaza 慕尼克大广场

That's the name given by Paul. The real name is Marienplatz. The building in the photo is the Neues Rathaus, or New City Hall. If u look really closely, u should be able to spot an angmoh inside our group photo. Germans are very easy-going too =D

Standing tall inside this Marienplatz,

There's the Mariensaule

This Mariensaule is a monument erected to commemorate liberation of some war that I unfortunately has forgotten. The golden statue standing on top is Virgin Mary.

There's a train station running beneath the Marienplatz,

This is the lift descending to the train station

The Marienplatz connects to the High Street of Munich, where u can find lots of flagship stores,


Benetton, Swatch

T Punkt

My cam awareness is really poor :(


Esprit, New Yorker

Kaufinger Tor

Kaufinger Tor is not a brand, it is a high end shopping centre in Munich..

There's also open air cafes in the street

After wandering around city centre, here come's the main event of the day, the highly anticipated, X-factor event.. well, not really X-factor la, but, still very exciting..

Hofbrau Haus

Hofbrau Haus is THE MOST FAMOUS tavern in Munich, and enjoys a kick-ass reputation in the world. After all, this is the royal brewery of Bavaria!

Did I just mentioned brewery? Well, if u don't know what a brewery is, let me tell u, it's a place where they make fruit juices *winks*

Inside the Haus

They even have live performances!

Wait, I think it's better to let a video do the talking here..

A German couple getting intimate (candid camera)

I realized, I really took alot of photos with Peggy together,


And here

Sorry How Chen, please don't be angry, I swear there's nothing other than taking photos XD

So, let's show u a menu of the different types of fruit juices they sell here..

It's all in German I'm afraid

Up to this point, if u still believe me when I tell u a brewery makes fruit juices, I have nothing more to say to u ~_~"

This Haus is actually a tavern, so they don't only sell beer, they also sell food. And it's dinner time..

Oops, did I say beer? Sorry I mean fruit juices XD

Since Germany is famous for pork, that's what we ordered..

Pork knuckles and cabbage

This is different from the grilled ones we had in Cologne, but still yummy nonetheless.. but I don't like the cabbage, they taste sour.. they actually have the purple colored cabbage which is much more sour than the white cabbage.. don't really like them..

Another pork dish, forgot what's the name

See the 2 round yellow balls that come with the pork? I thought they are mashed potatoes, but they're not. I don't really know what they are, even after eating them..

Enjoying our meal

If u noticed, I didn't look too happy in the 2 photos I took with Peggy. It's because I was tired, hungry, and therefore grumpy. I need alot of fruit juices to cheer me up..

Hehehehe, fruit juices!!

Oi Brain, get lost la! I'm enjoying my fruit juice!

We all enjoyed our fruit juices thoroughly..



How Chen


Lousy fella, he got drunk with fruit juices ~_~"

That night, our hotel was once again almost an hour drive away from Munich, and since we were all tired, some of them drunk, just went to bed..

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