Sunday, June 29, 2008

September 11 2007 - BMW Museum

Today, we will be visiting another kick ass venue in Munich: BMW Museum!

Before that, let's teach u some German language :D

Auf = Up, Ab = Down

Photo taken at our hotel's lift..

The BMW Museum is inside Munich city, but our hotel is not, so we still have to get into our coach to get there..

The museum is located beside the Olympia Park, and that's where our coach parked...

And we made our way to the museum by foot

The Olympic Stadium is also near the Olympia Park, but there was not time for us to go there.. *regret regret, this stadium used to be Bayern Munich's home ground until 2005*

There's really alot of people visiting the museum, not just us..

Peggy: I hope they will give me a free BMW car in there..
Me: Stop dreaming la Peggy ~_~"

Maybe u can just buy some of the souvenirs at the reception counter, they're are much much cheaper :D



We do not need to pay for entrance, because this museum visit is included in our tour package..

The entrance fees was 1.50 Euros though

Ok, let's begin with photos of what's inside the museum..

Vintage BMW

Even more vintage BMW

Vintage BMW Pao Cher 跑车 @ Sports Car

Huge Small BMW vintage

Another vintage BMW

It's BMW Museum, not BMW showroom, so of course most of the cars are vintage cars...

Starting to look not so vintage already

This is quite new

8 Series??

Got such thing meh?? Never seen an 8 Series in Malaysia before..

BMW Petronas F1 car

U can actually see this F1 car in the Galleria Petronas in KLCC too :)

BMW Rally Cars

They even have motorbikes!

And here's some trinkets on sale in the souvenir shop..

BMW model with retractable roof

Colorful BMW model

This BMW Museum Tour marks the end of our stay in Germany..


Yatz said...

i like the vintage pao

Simon Ho said...

Congrats on your first top 10 man! my friends all say got 8 series but today is the first time i've seen an 8 series. in your post. lol

JoeJoe said...

Yes there was an 8 series, but productions ceased in May 1999 I guess. It was produced to compete with the Merc SL-Class.

RealGunners said...

yatz: who doesn't lolz..

simon: i suspect it's the 1st and the last ~.~"

joejoe: thanx for the info, i didn't know :)