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September 5 2007 - Stonehenge and Bath

Lessons, exams are all over... time for 1 last driving trip! Destination: Stonehenge and Bath..

While my last driving trip was a crazy 2 day 1 night drive round UK, this time is crazy in another way: make our way from Liverpool to Stonehenge, then to Bath, then back to Liverpool, in less than 1 day!

FYI, Liverpool to Stonehenge is 4 hours drive, Stonehenge to Bath is about 1 hour, and Bath back to Liverpool is another 4 hours drive..

Our final exam ended 11am, and immediately, we went back to Marybone to pack up,

And get our cars from Arnold Clark, 3 cars in total

12 noon, and we're off!

3 hours later, as we left the motorway, getting closer..

Now we're really close..

After slightly more than 4 hours on the road,


If I'm not mistaken, Stonehenge is 1 of the Seven Wonders of the World.. not just an ordinary pile of rocks.. well, let's just skip the history and explanation, google for them if u want to..

Stonehenge again!

Act cool

Group photo

Another group photo

The Heel Stone in the background

The Heel Stone is also known as the Friar's Heel.. there's another story to this stone, which I forgot..

The Stonehenge was actually in ruins..

It looked like this initially

We were not allowed to actually go into the Stonehenge to touch the stones, going in requires prior booking and only happens at 7am..

There's some stones we can touch outside the exhibition area however

These are the same stones that Stonehenge is built with. They say that the stone has mythical properties where 1 side of the stone is hot while the other side is cold..

I can give a logical explanation for this phenomena however. When u have the sun baking 1 side of the stone while the other side is in shadow, of course its 1 side hot 1 side cold la! Bodoh!! What a myth XD

Stonehenge is a major tourist attraction, and like all other attractions, closes at 6pm.. after that, we made our way to Bath..

Bath in this case is not mandi or shower, Bath is a town, north west of Stonehenge, about 20 miles away..

Reason why this city is called Bath, is because the Romans, who used to occupy Britain, built their public baths around the springs here.. This town is now a World Heritage site..

Houses in Bath

The street

Bath Abbey

River Avon

I'm actually standing on the road on top of The Great Bath, the largest Roman bath here..

Some of us wanted to have some nice food, so off they went looking for just that..

We made our way here, to get down to the riverside

For a better view of this, The Great Bath

Bath Abbey, taken at the side

It was late night, so we can't really break into The Great Bath to show u how it's like on the inside..

But I can show u this: A guide book on display at a souvenir shop

And a framed photo, this is how it looks inside

We then made our way to Southgate Shopping Centre, which is like.. the only shopping centre in Bath..

There's a cinema here

Let's feature Peggy abit..

There's TGIF here..

There's this signboard, the slogan seems familiar?

It belongs to Nando's =)

They were having their dinner/supper in Nando's.. we were poor, so we did not.. decided to make our way back to our cars to have bread instead..

They were still eating when we left, so we walked at a leisurely pace..

Relaxing on the benches halfway

I made it to Cambridge too!

Don't know why there's a Cambridge building in Bath..

Puki was going to go back to Malaysia and not join us for the Europe tour, so 1 of the 3 cars will not be heading back to Liverpool 1st. They will be heading to London Heathrow to drop off Puki.. while the rest of us make our way back to Liverpool..

Tiring tiring last driving trip for us.. and tomorrow the uni's have something arranged for us too =D

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