Saturday, June 21, 2008

September 6 2007 - Anfield Tour

Made it back to Marybone around 2.00am.. today will be the last day of our stay in Liverpool city.

But it is not time to sleep and take it easy on this last day. As a token of appreciation for us choosing LJMU, and also as a farewell gift, the uni has organised an Anfield tour for all of us!

(PS: From this point onwards, Liverpool will mean Liverpool FC, not Liverpool city, it's tiring to keep adding an FC to refer to the football club)

*What is Anfield?* Liverpool's home ground..

*Why not Everton?* Without being biased, Liverpool is way more famous compared to Everton, especially among us Asians.. sorry Toffees...

The Kop

I'm not really sure what The Kop is.. it just seems that it's a very very very very very famous section in Anfield.. I suppose it's the home fans section of the stadium or something...

Imitating Bill Shankly

Again, I'm not so sure who Bill Shankly is.. let's just say he's a legend for Liverpool..

Our Anfield Tour was kinda.. modified.. we won't be touring the players changing room and the pitch.. it would just be a 3 part tour: Photoshoot with the FA Cup, Liverpool Museum Tour, and a visit the the merchandise store.. and also a lunch at the player's dining hall before we leave..

There were alot of us... almost 600 LJMU-TARCians in total.. so we were divided into 3 groups..

My group, we were ushered to the merchandise store 1st..

Group photo outside the merchandise store

This is Liverpool's own photographer, taking photos of us

I wonder if we'd make it into 1 of Liverpool's tabloids or newsletters.. hmm..

Next up is the photoshoot session with the FA Cup..

So few many people crowding to go in..

Take a photo 1st la

Even with 3 groups, each group has like, 200 people.. and only 10 people were allowed for each photo session with the cup, so we were asked to wait for our turns in a lounge..

Let's take another photo while waiting

And finally,

The FA Cup!

Well.. it was quite disappointing actually.. I thought that we would get the UEFA Champions League Cup... but I better not sound too disappointed, else Liverpool fans who make it to this blog will drown me with scoldings...

Photoshoot done, time to move on to our last part of the tour..

Pretending to be in awe with Stevie G

Outside Liverpool Museum's entrance

As we entered the museum, we were greeted with the VCR of a classic match between Liverpool and someone else (forgot which team ~_~")

I was actually cheering for that other team XD

To call this place a museum is actually not so appropriate..

Printed on the walls

For me, this gallery is more like a cocky, arrogant, lansi, make-u-dem-tulan collection of trophies..

Here's a drawing on display


Another trophy

And another trophy (erm, not the girls)

This is the UEFA Cup trophy from 1970 something..

There's actually a whole lot more of other trophies on display. Yeah u can boast of alot of trophies, but most of those trophies were for some friendly tournaments that the name I have never even heard of!

I'm less than impressed, I'm sure Arsenal's museum would look much greater XD

Let's stop with the trophies and show u something else..

AC Milan and Liverpool jersey kit, for the Champions League final in.. 2005.. or is it 2006?

Which Liverpool miraculously won, with a great chunk of chicken luck...

After the tour, we had lunch in the players' dining halls.. I remember on our mass induction, the hotel served us vegetable curry with rice, which totally tastes awful..

Today, on our last day in Liverpool city, in Liverpool FC's dining hall, we were served exactly the same stuff... OMFG..

Can u angmohs please get the point that WE . DON'T . LIKE . YOUR . CURRY . AT . ALL !! It doesn't taste the same with our curry at all.. just give us your sandwich or fish and chips ~_~"

Preparing to eat

But their dessert is nice..

A tart with some cream and a chocolate chip as topping

Not just any ordinary chocolate chip..

Liverpool's logo was printed on the chocolate chip!

The logo was so nicely done that alot of us didn't really have the heart to put it in our mouth!

Even Nessie likes the chocolate chip =D

That was our Anfield tour.. nice way to end our stay in Liverpool..

Take a photo in the bus on the way back to Marybone

Another group photo outside Marybone


a@ron said...

A gunner fan visit The kop?
But you have a great time huh?

RealGunners said...

erm.. to be honest, yeah.. :)