Saturday, June 21, 2008

September 6 2007 - Last Day in Liverpool

It's the 98th day since we arrived, today will be our last day in Liverpool. We will be required to check out of our respective flats latest by 10am the next day, but we will be leaving early early in the morning on our Europe Tour coach..

When it comes to packing up and moving back to Malaysia, many people overshopped, and as a result,

Required package delivery services

Not for me, I came with Malaysia clothes and food, I'm going back with UK clothes and food =D

Something we cannot leave behind: food in the fridge! So tonight, we will cook up whatever we have left in the fridge, and have 1 great party! Woohoo!!

Leftover foodstuff

Leftover Spillover rice!

1 last Photoshop GIF for Liverpool

While cooking, someone broke a plate..

Is it Bing?

Or is it me?

Or is it someone else? Maybe we need CSI here: Cooking Scene Investigation XD

But.. we don't really care about the plate actually, not gonna bring it along with us...

Nick's friends from Sheffield

They came to Liverpool to join us in our Europe Tour.. although they are our guests, 天下没有白吃的午餐晚餐 there's no free lunch dinner in the world! Help to cook la!! Kekekeke =D

This is what we cooked up

Last family photo

Peggy kicked Bing out of the frame.. poor thing.. ok lah.. 1 more shot..

Proper last family photo

Thank you Liverpool for being so much fun

After dinner, time to pack up all our things and check to make sure we did not leave any important things behind.. none of us bothered about photos.. except for..

Our cameraman Bing

He even found time to make his way to Phase 2 to kepoh..

Backpack Europe team members, doing last minute finalizing

1 genuine backpacker + 2 pretenders

Time to say:


Hmm, let's end my UK Summer Semester blog entries with something that best describes UK culture..

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